Keep Your Dog Looking Groomed To Perfection With Happy Tails Spa

Just as we humans need lotions and potions to keep us looking our best, so do our canine companions. Dogs can have just as many skin problems as we can; therefore sometimes they need special products to help calm the problem. Happy Tails Spa Products are natural and eco-friendly and have been designed to deal with a whole host of canine quandaries. From doggie bad breath to itchy coats, Happytails has a product to solve your pooch’s problem. All the products available are cruelty free, gentle and have all been thoroughly tested so you can be sure that your dog is in good company.

If your problem is a smelly pooch then Dry Dog Instant Clean is the product for you and your stinky animal. This product doesn’t just mask odors; it actually works to get rid of them in a quick, easy step. Other dog odor products tend to mask the smell so the results are only temporary, whereas the Happytails solution uses a natural ingredient called Ordenone which traps the odor-causing proteins to leave your hound smelling of roses. Your dog will feel fresh and almost like a new animal after using the product, results last from 4 to 6 hours so that’s up to 6 hours of a fresh-smelling pet!

Dry Dog Instant Clean is a completely safe product that is perfect if you are looking for an in-between grooming freshen up spray. If your dog has a tendency to pong even after regular baths or if you simply don’t have time to wash your dog before you’ve got company coming over, then this product is a lifesaver. Your dog is an active fellow and he is bound to start to smell a bit musty or sweaty after his daily exercise so why not use this lovely, refreshing kiwi melon scent to freshen your doggie friend up.

If your dog suffers from ear problems then he is not alone. Statistics show that ear infections are the biggest reason why dog owners take their pets to the vet. In a lot of cases, most ear problems will take a couple of visits to sort and this can be incredibly frustrating, not to mention costly. If you want to save you and your dog the hassle of dealing with an ear infection then you need to start a regular at-home cleaning routine. This will stop infection happening in the first place and help ensure that any problems are caught early on.

Ear Clear is a Happytails product specially designed for smelly, itchy and infected ears. Containing no pharmaceuticals or chemicals, this wonder product works by clearing away dirt and debris and leaving ears clear. If your dog suffers from excessive wax build up then this product is perfect as it help soften and remove excess wax. The antibacterial formula contains arnica and chaparral oils to help ease any discomfort and pain.

Most dogs are notorious for spending a lot of time scratching themselves but some are itchier than others. If your dog is constantly scratching or prone to allergies then Healthy Skin Shiny Coat by Happytails may be able to ease the problem. This product is an all natural detoxifier that works with the dog’s liver, kidneys and lymphatic system to get rid of all the nasty toxins that could be triggering allergies and itching.

This product can be used in conjunction with anti-itch shampoo’s and conditioners and is applied directly in the mouth or on food or even in water. Once the formula is in the system the natural formula gets to work reducing skin problems, controlling the itch-scratch cycle and a general improvement in the health of your dog’s coat.

All the products available on the Happytails website are 100% natural and completely safe. Whatever your dog’s issue, Happytails has a solution.

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