Keep your Pup safe from Mosquitos.

Mosquitoes are attracted to animals just as they are drawn to humans. They need blood from mammals in order to breed, no matter if it is human or animal blood. Since our pets aren’t safe from mosquito-attacks and our furry friends can’t protect themselves, it is our duty to do that for them. Which is why we came up with a few key methods that you can use to successfully keep your pets mosquito-bite free.

You might think that if mosquitoes are attracted to pets as well as humans then the mosquito repellents which are meant for humans should work for animals. However, it is extremely dangerous to use products that are designed for humans on animals. Mainly because most of them contain DEET and other chemicals that can cause serious health issues for pets. Luckily, there are several mosquito repellent products which are designed specifically for animals.

These pet mosquito repellents are made and tested in a way that the manufacturer can be sure that pets won’t experience any side effects and reactions from these products. They also come in a variety of different forms and consistencies – from regular sprays and aerosols to mosquito repellent dog collars and other tools to provide protection for our pets. Although most of these animal products don’t contain harsh chemicals and are mainly natural, they still do a good job at deterring mosquitoes and keeping our pets safe from these nasty insects.

If you’d like to go completely natural and invest your time into a DIY project for a safe, mosquito repellent, it is easy to do. Since animals are very sensitive to most human products, including some essential oils, you shouldn’t follow the popular DIY mosquito repellent recipes.

What to do:

Simply mix lemon (or lemon oil) with water. That’s all! Mosquitoes naturally don’t like citrusy aromas and they will stay clear of your pets and won’t bother them as much.

Also don’t forget to safe-proof your house, so your pets have a safe place where they know that they won’t be bothered by these buzzing insects. Introducing window and door screens or window/door mosquito nets won’t allow mosquitoes to get inside of your house. And make sure that your home doesn’t have any small cracks that could be used as entrances for mosquitoes to make their way inside your house.

Last but not least, keep your backyard clean and groomed to lessen the overall number of mosquitoes that reside around your home. Mosquitoes like long grass, garden compost and standing water. These types of places give them a place to hide during summer heat and use water as a breeding ground. If you take care of your backyard by trimming the grass, covering compost, or by using a mosquito repellent for yard to ward off mosquitoes, you will see a decrease of the mosquito population. Additionally, dump and drain all containers which might collect water, including outdoor dog bowls, old tires and rain gutter. This way, you will eliminate places for the mosquitoes to bread and eventually they will move on from your backyard to find a more suitable place for them.

Taking care of your pet and making sure that mosquitoes keep away from them doesn’t take a lot of time and your pets will be eternally grateful.  Remember to keep your garden clean and tidy; safe-proof your home. If you do let your pets outside during the peak mosquito hours (dusk and dawn during the summer season), make sure that you use some mosquito repellent to make your pet’s time outdoors more enjoyable.

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