Join in on the fun!! Upcoming Twitter Barkhunt Sunday June 7th at 3 PM Eastern

A loyal barkhunt tail-wagging fan!

A loyal barkhunt tail-wagging fan!

Hey, all my pup pals & Sherlock hounds do you know what’s just around the corner. No, sorry to burst your bubble it is not a squirrel. But turn that frown upside down we have something even better. If you are already a huge tail-wagging fan then probably guessed it. Drumroll please…… as always back by popular demand its  #Barkhunt on, so mark your calenders for this Sunday June 7th. Stayed tuned to see what bark-tastic & droolworthy prizes we will be offering & the rules. You don’t won’t to miss this!

Important News!!! Due to overwhelming demand Barkhunt and tons of tweets and bark mail will be moving the festivities to Sundays at 3 PM Eastern.  This should allow all of the hunters to play, without keeping those on the East Coast up past their bedtimes, and those on the West Coast will not have to rush home from work just to catch the first clue. So all you dog sleuths get ready to have some fun and win some great prizes worth barking about!

Don’t forget to follow the barkhunt pack leaders @pawluxury , @bestbullysticks , @FourLeggedMedia & @askspikeonline if you want to play & see why dogs tail are wagging with joy.

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Photo: “Barkhunt paw-pal winner chewing on Best Bully Sticks prize” by Barkhunt – Twitter’s First Scavenger Hunt, Gone To The Dogs

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