If It Weren’t For Fido Essay Contest

How did your dog change your life? It’s not a simple question, and there isn’t a simple answer, but Best Bully Sticks knows you have poignant and weighty words to say about your special four-legged family member. BBS is asking you to tell a story about how your dog altered your thinking about life or even how you live.

By sharing your story in Best Bully Sticks If It Weren’t For Fido Essay Contest, you could:
-Have your essay published on the BBS Blog
-Win Free Bully Sticks For A Year or other great BBS Prizes
-Have BBS donate to the Animal Rescue/Shelter of your choice

To Enter:

1. Like Best Bully Sticks on Facebook.

2. Submit a typed, 1,000 word max submission to the Offerpop App.

3. Submission must be creative non-fiction and address the prompt “If It Weren’t For Fido”

4. Submissions will be up for voting by others. The 3 most voted on Essays will receive BBS Gift Cards valued at $100, $50 & $25. BestBullySticks will also reward one essay with the Grand Prize of Free Bully Sticks for a Year. This prize will be determined by a panel of BBS Judges. Grand Prize also includes a donation to the Animal Organization of the winner’s choice. All winning essays will appear on the BestBullySticks Healthy Dog Blog.

Quick Rules & Regulations:

  • Must be a fan of Best Bully Sticks to enter or vote
  • One submission per rescue
  • Entires must be turned in by 5pm est, May 17th, 2013
  • Entries must address the topic outlined.
  • No Voting Exchange Votes
  • No Votes from Duplicate, International, Children or Pet Facebook Profiles
  • BestBullySticks does use an application that requires “granting access.” We do this to monitor any cheating or foul play during the contest.
  • It is up to each person to remind those voting for them about these rules and regulations. We do not wish to dock a for an entry because someone voting for them isn’t playing by the rules.

How To Stand Out In A Crowd: Essay Writing Tips

Stick to the theme of the contest. You may have an amazing essay in the bottom drawer of your desk, but if it doesn’t cover the contest theme, it’s not going to win.

Don’t feel the need to parrot back the exact wording of the contest theme in your essay. For example, if the theme is “What was the most important day in your life?” try not to begin the piece with “The most important day of my life was…”

Check your spelling and grammar. It may sound silly, but PLEASE read your entry multiple times before you submit it. As many as one in five entries has multiple misspellings.

Avoid clichés.

Try writing on a less-expected subject. What makes your story different? Give us a unique angle. 

Enter here: http://bit.ly/107B62B

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