How to Calm a Overly Hyperactive Energetic Dog: 101 Dog Care Tips- Tip 116

shutterstock_522820072Is your dog full of boundless energy and bouncing off the wall? Then you must have a hyperactive dog who’s bouncy personality can be a handful, quite a challenge and even more tiresome to watch. Unfortunately hyper dog’s do not come with a snooze button, if life was that easy. But no worries we have a few tips up our sleeves to calm that overly energetic dog.

1. Give your dog a brisk daily workout. It is important to remember that a hyperactive dog is an energetic dog. A hyperactive dog has boundless energy and he needs a healthy, positive outlet for his energy. Take your dog on long walks or turn him loose in a fenced yard or other area where he can run and expend his excess energy. Consider working out with your dog. For example, if you jog you could take your dog running with you.

2. Set up a doggy playdate. Having someone to romp around and play with can give your hyperactive dog an outlet for his boundless energy. By giving him a friend you also give him someone to keep him company.

3. Vaccinations are updated. Make sure your dog receives his needed vaccinations. The distemper vaccine tends to reduce hyperactivity in dogs.

4. Create a calming home atmosphere. Pets often react to their environment. They can also react to the emotions of their human family members. If your household is loud, boisterous and energetic your dog may be behaving appropriately to his surroundings. Try creating a more quiet, calm environment and see how your dog reacts.

5. Turn on your soft music. Soothe your hyperactive beast with soft music and/or nature sounds. Although this may not work with every dog sound does seem to have a beneficial effect on some dogs. Try classical melodies, the sound of soft rain, a waterfall or even the rhythm of a heartbeat to bring about a calming effect.

6. Obedience Training. Learn basic dog training commands and teach your dog to obey simple commands. Be patient while working to train your dog but if your pet proves difficult to train consider consulting a professional trainer or taking your dog to obedience school. Even the most hyperactive dog will learn proper behavior if taught with love and patience.

7. Create a diversion! Distract and refocus your dog by offering a toy or chew to his divert attention. His favorite toy or treat should do the trick to keep him calm and busy for hours. Use this time to take a nap!

8. Seek Vet Help! Consult with your veterinarian if all else fails to calm your hyperactive pet. Your veterinarian may be able to prescribe a medication to calm your dog and lessen his hyperactive behavior.

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