How To Brush Your Dog’s Teeth: 101 Dog Care Tips- Tip 88

Animals teeth need love, too! Give your dog something to smile about by celebrating National Pet Dental Health Month all year round. Dental health is an important part of your canine’s overall health and well-being that oftentimes goes neglected until serious health issues arise. Dog’s teeth are much like a human’s, and just like you and me, they can develop bad breath, tarter and plaque buildup which can lead to gum disease. It is important that you brush your dogs teeth at least 2-3 times a week to maintain those pearly whites. Here is a short “How To” videos on brushing your dog’s teeth.


How to brush your dog’s teeth

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We brush them, bathe them and buy them tons of toys. But often we overlook one of the most important things about our dogs: their teeth. Celebrate February Pet Dental Month with us and get brushing!

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