How To Break a Dogs Bad Habit : 101 Dog Care Tips

Does your dog have poor habits that need broken? We will be the first to agree that pet ownership is rewarding, however, a dogs bad habits can be stressful at times. Well good news for you, with proper basic training and consistency you can teach an old dog new tricks. Here are some tips from our friends at ehow.

1. Begging. Reason for begging? Instinct, boredom or attention.

New Trick: If you want your dog to stop begging for food make sure to maintain your dog on a consistent and regular feeding schedule. Never feed your dog table scrapes from the dinner table. If your dog continues to beg for a bite ignore the begging and continue eating.

2. Biting. Reason for biting?  Teething, feel threatened, injured, abused, in heat.
New Trick: Provide dog with a healthy chewing outlet such as chew toys and dog chews. If a puppy nips or bites, use a can or bottle filled with coins or rocks as a shaker, and shake it at them while saying “no” firmly. The shake can will startle them. Dogs that are injured should be muzzled until they’ve healed to prevent biting.

3.  Chasing cars. Reason for chasing cars? Protecting its territory or dislikes cars.
New Trick: Keep your dog in a secure yard where the street isn’t accessible. Make sure to walk your dog on leash and correct your dog with a firm leash yank if he starts to chase after a car. Don’t forget to praise your dog when he resist the urge to chase a car. It important to exercise the dog regularly to rid it of pent-up energy.
4. Chewing. Reason for chewing? Teething, boredom, separation anxiety, undernourishment, lack of exercise and thunderstorms.
New Trick: Give dogs & puppies chew toys & dog chews. Make sure to keep your dog entertained with a variety of toys to choose so they are not easily bored. Spray bitter apple (available at pet stores) on items the dog likes to chew. Home remedies include hot pepper sauce, vinegar and hot mustard.  Say “no” and use the shake can if you catch the dog in the act. Exercise the dog daily. Consult a vet if there is a diet problem or if the dog has a problem during thunderstorms.

5.  Trash Raider. Reason for raiding the trash?  Hunger, boredom or a strong odor.
New Trick: Store the trash can in an inaccessible area and use a sealed lid. Spray bitter apple on the trash can or try some of the aforementioned home remedies. Once the dog knows that the shake can means “no,” you can place it on top of the trash as a warning sign.

6. Digging Holes. Reasons for digging holes in the yard? Natural sheltering instinct, to escape,  boredom, separation anxiety, critters and vermin or a desire to cool off in hot weather.
New Trick: Discourage this behavior at a young age since it’s one of the tougher habits to break, especially in terriers. Provide toys in your absence. If it’s hot, put a kiddie pool in the yard. Exercise the dog daily. If it can’t be stopped, confine the dog to an area of the lawn where digging is acceptable.
7. Eating stool. Reason for eating poop? Undernourishment, stress, boredom or poor hygienic conditions.
New Trick: Clean up the stool as soon as the dog has eliminated it. Feed the dog special food, available through vets, that makes feces undesirable. Exercise and play with the dog daily to relieve stress and boredom. Keep the dog on a leash during walks, and use your shake can.

8. Quiet excessive barking. Reason for excessive barking? Territorial aggression and frustration.
New Trick: Exercise the dog plenty. Train your dog to know the boundaries of the yard and narrow the area she feels territorial about.

9. Fighting with other dogs. Reason for fighting? Territorial or not properly socialized.

New Trick: Enroll your dog in obedience courses. Keep your dog on a leash during walk and say “No” firmly when your dog starts growling at another dog. Never try to break up dog fight with your hands instead hose them down or try to distract them with loud noise.

10. Jumping on people.
Reason for jumping on people? Excitement
New Trick: Consistently discourage the practice at early age with firm “no.” Ignore the dog and avoid eye contact when she jumps on you to discourage such behavior. Tell the dog to “sit” and reward her with affection and treats when she obeys. Exercise the dog daily to reduce excess energy.

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