Harvest the Best Bully Sticks New Arrivals!

Best Bully Sticks

 Harvest the Best Bully Sticks New Arrivals!

Best Bully Sticks News, New Products, and Discounts! 

Best Bully Sticks Has Moved! 

We’re Brand New, Bigger, and State-of-the-Art



New Best Bully Sticks Warehouse

Here is our new location:


1221 Admiral St.

Richmond, VA 23220


Best Bully Sticks is now in a state-of-the-art facility that is brand new and much bigger than our previous location. Our new facility means an even better Best Bully Sticks experience for you!


We are now just down the street from our old location, so we are still convenient for local, direct pickup.


We’re still in the process of moving, so please bear with us if you experience any order delay in the immediate future. Rest assured that quick as a tail- wag, we’ll be up and running better and faster for you and your furry friends!    




Wow, have we got some barking-good new products for you! We’re highlighting treats that are delicious AND healthy and we hope you’ll give them a try.

  • Beef Lung Puffs  
  • Zuke’s Mini Naturals Wild Rabbit Formula Dog Treats    
  • 10 Inch Grass Fed Angus Tripe Springs   

Beef Lung Puffs are tasty single ingredient dog treats that dogs go crazy for.   


Zuke’s has done it again with their Mini Naturals Rabbit Formula Dog Treats, which low-calorie.
10 Inch Grass Fed Angus Tripe Springs are made from one of the healthiest parts of the cow made available for your canine companions.


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In This Issue

Beef Puff Lungs     

Zuke’s Mini Naturals Wild Rabbit Formula Dog Treats
10 Inch Grass Fed Angus Tripe Springs
Photo Contest Winner
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NEW! Beef Lung Puffs for Dogs

Delectable Delights for Pooches of All Ages!    


Beef Puff Lungs for Dogs  

These 100% all-natural dog treats, from cow lung, are single-ingredient, and deliciously crunchy. They are excellent training and anytime treats.

Beef Puff Lungs have a pleasant and light aroma and, because they are easily chewed, they are also good for older dogs and puppies.

We carry our Beef Lung Puffs in 1 lb. bags. We think your pooch will love ’em!



A “Wild” Treat for Your Best Friend!

Zuke's Mini Naturals Wild Rabbit Formula Dog Treats           

We just love to reward our dogs, and with Zuke’s Mini Naturals Wild Rabbit treats, the reward is fun and healthy! They are tiny size and calories +big taste and nutrition. Made in the USA, these are also the perfect training treat.


Each moist little morsel is packed with wild rabbit and has NO wheat, corn, soy, by-products, artificial colors and flavors. You can give this treat anytime and feel good about it.

We carry Zuke’s Mini Naturals Wild Rabbit Formula Dog Treats in 1 lb. bags. Go “wild” with these treats-your pooch will love them!



Tasty, Healthy Dog Chews for Your Fur Pal!

 10 Inch Grass Fed Angus Tripe Springs for Dogs  

We are delighted to introduce this great new dog treat to Best Bully Sticks!

Grass Fed Angus Beef Tripe Springs are a great way for your dog to enjoy tripe, a particularly nutritious food from the stomach of the cow. And dogs just love the taste of tripe!

Our Tripe Springs are 100% all natural, from free-range, grass-fed angus cows. They have NO by-products, grains, hormones, preservatives, smoke, steroids or supplements. They are superior in quality and naturally unique in size and shape.  

Grass Fed Angus Tripe Springs last a good, long time (not as long as a bully stick). They range in length from 10″ to 11″ and are available in 5-Packs.  We think your pooch will try one and keep coming back for more!




Photo Contest Winner

Life if Great with My Braided Bully Stick and Teddy!

Tillman - First October Photo Contest Winner  

Congratulations to Tillman, our first October newsletter winner.     


Each winner is awarded a $25 gift certificate to www.bestbullysticks.com.

We have already awarded 90 winners!  


Check out our photo gallery of past winners, and be sure to submit a photo of your pooch and any of our products for your own chance to win! 


PawHelping Animals Together
Our Rescue Program continues! In the next few weeks we will be making another large group of donations from our Best Bully Sticks Rescue program, so please be sure to make your vote count!  


Paw With Your Input, We Can Better Serve You

Since you are our most valuable resource and we want Best Bully Sticks to be your go-to source for great pooch stuff, we need your help! Please let us know what you think we should offer, and how you think we can improve our website, for your best possible shopping experience with us. All input is valuable and we will carefully consider all ideas.


Paw Hungry For Something Not On the Menu?  

If there is a particular type of dog bone you would like to see offered on bestbullysticks.com, please let us know and we will do our best to make it happen! We continue to consider and add new recommendations as quickly as we can. No item will go unconsidered, please let us know and we will check it out just for you!


PawBest Bully Sticks

We are so confident that we offer the best prices at www.bestbullysticks.com that we will match ANY online vendor price on any item we sell! If you find anything on our website for less on another website (excluding Amazon and Ebay), let us know and we’ll credit the difference to you. It must be the same item. For bulk items, we’ll try our best to match the price.

Please email us at bbinfo@bestbullysticks.com with any questions or to take advantage of this great new service.


PawWe Rave Over Customer Reviews!

Please remember to submit product reviews. Your input is important to us, and we want to share what works-and what doesn’t-with all our customers!


PawGet Fido Info on Our Blog 

For an insider’s look at what’s new and what’s coming soon to our website, read the Best Bully Sticks Blog. Enjoy two great series currently on the blog-101 Dog Care Tips and Spotlight on a Breed-and increase your canine IQ!

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We appreciate your patronage and enjoy bringing you the best all-natural chews and treats available on the market at the best prices.  


During heavy volume sales days, orders may take an extra 2-3 days to ship. 


Please take a moment to forward this email to friends and family.


We appreciate your help!



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