Happy Mutts Day!

Dear Readers,

Today Best Bully Sticks celebrates Mutts Day. Since celebration should have reason and understanding behind it, we beg the question: why are we celebrating? We don’t know who came up with Mutts Day; there isn’t a named founder or creator.  Mutts Day is likely little known to much of the world. It’s not as if it’s a highly notable day, per say, but in the least it is fitting to say that every day with a mutt is a great day.

What are mutts? Mutts are the product of two or more dog breeds, creating a unique hybrid of dog. The word “mutt” historically has a negative connotation, but as any owner with a mutt knows, it’s just a word and nothing more. Technically called “half-breeds,” these dogs bring so much joy into the lives of their owners, no purebred status or high price tag matters. In fact, BBS would say most mutt owners would willingly pay the high price tag yet still keep their mutt-owner status.

So, again, why do we celebrate? Best Bully Sticks is celebrating Mutts Day to recognize the wonder that these dogs bring into our lives. Just as their lineage is indiscernible, so is the effect they have on our lives and it’s simply incredible. And maybe we love mutts because they are a reflection of us, of humankind. We are all a little mixed up ourselves and maybe we need an animal to show us just how joy can be found in any family or background. Mutts show us the past can truly be the past and the future is bright. Just like many other holidays, honor and recognition shouldn’t be confined to just a single day. Neither should it go without saying at all.

Best Bully Sticks also knows you can’t have Mutts Day without appreciating all dogs. All dogs, no matter their pedigree or history bring joy into the lives of their owners. Purebred or half-breed, dogs are intrepid animals. It’s been said that in even in the worst circumstances, dogs don’t know that life is unfair. Tail wags greet you at the door. Face licks aren’t gross; they’re welcome and cherished. And if your pup likes to snuggle, those moments are invaluable.  These fascinating creatures love us. We should love them and honor them every day.

Happy Mutts Day, Bully Fans!


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