Happy Dogust First!

With logo For all pet parents out there who don’t know their adopted dog’s birthday, August 1 is the perfect time to celebrate! DOGust 1st is the official birthday for any shelter pets whose date of birth is unknown. August 1 is now a globally-accepted holiday that gives these amazing animals their much-needed support and recognition!

While many parents celebrate their dog’s birthday on the day he orshe was adopted, now parents and their dogs can join everyone in this festive occasion! One day a year, dog lovers nationwide are able to wish their family, friends, and neighbors, a ‘Happy Dogust 1st’ and spoil their dogs with delicious treats or chews. Let’s celebrate the fact that shelter animals around the world have found (and will find) loving forever homes!

North Shore Animal League America’s spokesperson, Beth Ostrosky, said, “A birthday celebration is an opportunity to express our sentiments for one another. These wonderful animals, many still waiting patiently in shelters for their adopters, are so full of life and love, and live to please us. Now we have a day set aside to honor them and return the unconditional love and adoration they give us, day after day. These sweet animals crave our affection and company, so we can imagine the warm feelings they will experience from all the extra attention on their special day, DOGust the First.” It is truly a wonderful time of year, and it’s a great excuse for spoiling the amazing dog in your life!

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If you don’t have a rescued dog yourself, you can still give back to local dogs waiting for their forever homes by donating some delicious chews and treats.

Instructions on making a treat donation to your local charity!

Here are 2 Featured Products for a dog on DOGust 1st:

12 inch thin odor free bully sticks

Our 12 Inch Thin Odor Free Bully Sticks are great chews for dogs big or small! They are long-lasting and all-natural and sourced from free-range Brazilian cattle. When you dog chews on these bully sticks, they will scrape away at any tartar and plaque buildup, promoting healthier teeth, stronger gums, and better breath! You, your dog, and your vet are sure to love these delicious dog chews!

  • 100% All-natural beef
  • High-protein dog chew
  • Great for dental hygiene
  • Fully digestible and odor free

kangaroo flaps for dogs

Kangaroo Flaps for Dogs are one of the tastiest dog chews on the market and sure to be one of Fido’s favorites!

Kangaroo Flaps are baked to perfection creating high quality, palatable dog chews! Sourced straight from the land down under, these chews are fully digestible, promote healthy teeth and gums, and are suitable for all size breeds. Excellent way to provide your pooch with hours of delicious entertainment for days!

  • 100% All-natural Kangaroo
  • Novel protein
  • Tasty chew great for oral care
  • Fully digestible, high quality dog chew

For more tasty chews and treats to spoil your dog this holiday, please visit BestBullySticks!

Happy DOGust 1st!


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