Halloween Pet Costume Safety: 101 Dog Care Tips- Tip 131

Halloween Pet Costume SafetyHalloween is the perfect opportunity to dress up in a costume – but it’s not a holiday just for humans. Many pets love to join in on the spooky Halloween festivities. Dressing your pet up for Halloween always makes for fun memories. When it comes to making a Halloween costume for your pet, consider the following tips to keep them safe and happy.
1.  Make sure the costume allows your dog to see and breathe easily. You don’t want to interfere with a pet’s vision, hearing or breathing. So this means no costumes that require masks.

2.  The neckline shouldn’t be too tight. Signs that the costume is too tight will include chewing, pawing or other signs of discomfort.

3. Only use lightweight fabric when making a pet costume since you don’t want them to become overheated.
4. Watch for choking hazards. Don’t place beads, small objects or loose dangling accessories on a pets costume. These can be chewed off and swallowed, which presents choking or foreign body hazards.
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