Greatest American Dog Laurie and Andrew Get Bully Sticks

Greatest American Dog Laurie and Andrew

I thought that this was a great picture of Laurie and Andrew… what do all of you think?  We were actually contacted by them today to take us up on offer of bully sticks and other treats as consolation prizes for the runner ups!!

I must say that we were a bit starstruck but in the end every dog whether on TV or not deserves high quality all natural dog chews.  I just think that it was great to have a role model like Laurie make it as far as she did in the competition.  If you can tell from our writings we thought that Laurie and Andrew were the best team out there and we love Laurie’s positive training technique.

Her training website is Pup-n-Iron there you can find a wealth of knowledge on dog training and even sign up for the newsletter.

Congrats again…Laurie and Andrew for a job well done!  We honored our word and sent Andrew some awesome dog treats today!!!

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