Greatest American Dog Finale

Greatest American Dog Finale

Wow the show is finally over…I don’t know how many of you stayed with it the whole time but our interest did wane after the first few episodes!  The show’s last three contestants were Travis and Presley, JD and Galaxy, and Laurie and Andrew.  For the final show there were a lot of interviews between owners and judges.  I thought that of the three owners interviews Laurie and Travis definitely did the best job.  JD’s attitude was one of superiority throughout the interviews and we got the impression that he felt as though he learned nothing at canine academy; I think that the judges agreed with him!

In any case, the last two teams standing were Laurie and Andew and Travis and Presley.  Travis and Presley ended up winning the whole thing ($250,000) and plenty of advertising and publicity. Congratulations to both Travis and Presley  I am sure that they are both ecstatic right now!

I wonder how successful the show ended up being for CBS and whether or not there will be a season 2. What do you all think?

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