Greatest American Dog Episode 1

Greatest American Dog

I don’t know about all of you but we are HUGE fans of the new “Greatest American Dog” reality TV show on CBS. We would have loved to see the Pug breed represented but are just happy to see dogs get airtime on TV in general. The show comes on CBS during prime time every Thursday night and is in the same format as a typical reality show. Each week one dog and owner get “voted out of canine academy” by a panel of three judges. There are twelve dog/person teams on the show and each week they are put through individual and group challenges that test themselves and their dogs.

After watching the first show, we would have to say that our favorite has got to be Tillman. He is a bulldog who surfs, skateboards, and snowboards….how cool is that? We also really liked Ezzie and Michael (Boston Terrier) and were surprised that they were voted off during the shows first week. We thought that the judges might have been a little harsh on them and thought that another contestant might be the team to go. For them to come in second in musical chairs and Michael to MC his teams “show” was enough in our book to keep him around? In any case, it is difficult to think that any of the dog/owner teams have to get voted off as they all have awesome and unique talents.

As far as the ratings go this is CBS’s big summer gamble and the preliminary results show that it is paying big dividends. We think it would be great for this show to become a franchise type show like all of reality singing and dancing. By the way if you missed the first episode you can catch it on the CBS website anytime to catch up.
Well, we will be back next week with another follow up on this show, till next week….

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