Greatest American Dog 5

Greatest American Dog 5

If episode 4 was like “Top Model” we would say that the episode 5 show was like “Dancing with the Stars”….In this episode the quick challenge was to walk on a plank over some mud which Teresa and Leroy ended up winning. Instead of keeping the “dog bone suite” they gracefully gave it over to Bill and Star (Bill was starting to get homesick). As part of her win she also passed on the ability to train with a choreographer over to Bill and Star. We thought Bill had a great routine and it was very nice of Teresa to help him out and be a team player.

For the best in show challenge the remaining contestants had to pick a genre of music to dance with their dog to. The winner of this challenge was Laurie and her Maltese Andrew. This came as no surprise to us because in our opinion, Laurie and Andrew have an excellent partnership. The bottom three for the week were Travis/Presley, Laura/Preston, and Brandi/Beacon. Brandi and Beacon ended up getting voted off and quite frankly we think it will reduce the stress level in the house.

As things begin to get closer to the end, it is our opinion that the top three pairs will be Bill/Star, Laurie/Andrew, and JD/Galaxy.

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