Greatest American Dog 4

Greatest American Dog 4

The quick challenge for this week was entitled “Take it or Leave it”, during the challenge the owners had to predict whether their dogs were going to take an item or leave the item where it was originally placed.  The items ranged from steak to butter and it was interesting to see who “knew” what their dog would do.  In the end, JD and Galaxy came out of top!

For the rest of the show, owners were given words at random that they had to get their dog to portray during a photo shoot.  The words went from angry to loving.  JD also won this challenge as Galaxy was picked for the best picture.  Galaxy had the word “sneaky”, and in our opinion, did an excellent job with the word!  For her talent she is having that picture featured in an upcoming issue of the Dog Fancy magazine.

I must say that we were disappointed with this episode mainly because Tillman and Ron were voted off of the show.  I thought that they were an awesome team, and we will surely miss him going forward.  Tillman was the farting, burping, skateboarding, and surfing Bull Dog.    They had the word “lazy” during the photo shoot, and the judges just felt that the picture wasn’t that great.  Brandi and Beacon and Teresa and Leroy rounded out the bottom three for the show this week.  I think that the general consensus in the house is that everyone is hoping that Brandi and Beacon are next to go.

We will continue to keep you up to date, and as always make sure to check out our ever growing catalog of all natural dog chews, treats, and bully sticks!

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