Give Your Dog the Nutrients He Needs With Orijen Dry Dog Food

When it comes to our own diet, although we may provide ourselves with the odd treat, we will always try and ensure that our diet is balanced. As we are all aware, a diet of sugar and fat is no way in which to nurture our bodies and by following a diet similar to this, we will feel unhealthy, lethargic and in turn, may become prone to illness. So, why is it that many dog owners do not apply the same principle to the diet of their dog?

With a vast number of dog food brands on the market, it can be hard to decipher which brand will be the best for your dog in terms of nutrition. Most dog owners will look for brands that are labeled as ‘pedigree’ as often, these products will be made by trusted brands. However, have you ever thought to investigate into exactly what goes into your dog’s food and how it benefits him, if at all?

Good quality dog food will provide your dog with the nutrition he needs, helping to promote a healthy coat, strong bones and lean muscles. Furthermore, it will help their general health and that of their development. Dog food that contains only the most healthy and needed ingredients will be evident by eliminating the level of digestive complaints your dog experiences which in turn, will effect the consistency of their stool and/or gas. As a result, your dog will feel happier which will promote good behavior.

As many dog owners may find, dogs like humans, can become picky about the foods they eat. As a result, some owners may need to introduce a number of different types of healthy dog foods in order to identify the brand they most enjoy, which in turn, will help you ensure that your dog is receiving the correct level of food and nutrients he needs on a daily basis.

Being self-confessed dog lovers, the brains behind Orijen dog food used their own personal experiences with their dogs to create natural, tasty dog food that would provide their dogs with the nutrition they required for a longer, healthier life. Orijens’s 6 Fresh Fish with Sea Vegetables Dry dog food will provide your canine with a satisfactory level of daily protein which is provided by the fresh and preservative-free fish that is used within the product. The 6 Fresh Fish dog food consists of high ratios of salmon, herring and flounder, sourced directly from Vancouver’s Pacific Northwestern waters. This kibble is bursting with nutrients and flavor that will give your dog all he needs on a daily basis. Furthermore, the mix contains a number of regional fruits and vegetables that are rich in phyto-nutrients, B-vitamins and minerals.

Orijen Adult 80/20 Formula Dry dog food has been devised to match your dog’s daily diet, packed full of protein that dogs require on a day-to-day basis for development and general health. Including free-run chicken and turkey, eggs and wild-caught fish, Orijen Adult 80/20 is made using only fresh ingredients, ensuring that it is free from preservatives and jam packed full of proteins and fats that will fully nourish your dog. With a limited amount of carbohydrates within the mix, your dog will be provided with an almost matching diet to what his body requires. As all dog owners will discover, dogs are avid meat lovers. Orijen’s Regional Read Meat Formula Dry dog food contains a fantastic mix of free-range meats including wild boar, beef, lamb and pork. In abiding by Orijen’s policy, this mix is also free from preservatives and contains 75% of a dog’s daily recommended level of protein. The fresh, natural ingredients used help to promote a healthy coat and skin. Furthermore, the addition of fruits and vegetables within the mix can help to satisfy cravings that can cause dogs to eat grass which can make them ill.

In order to provide your dog with a good level of health, you need to provide him with fuel that will give him the vitamins and minerals he needs. By purchasing Orijen dog food, you can rest assured that your dog is being provided with only the best, all natural and all tasty food.

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