Every Dog Has Its Day Charity Photo Contest

The sad truth is that not every dog will have its day. Not all dogs are lucky. But that’s where Animal Organizations come in. And BestBullySticks.com is here to help, too. We want to help make a difference in the lives of needy dogs. That’s why we’re donating 3 prizes totaling 2.5K to 3 lucky organizations that rehabilitate, care for and love on these special creatures. We hope to help make a difference in the lives of these animals because even the smallest difference means much to the animal that was saved. 

So, attention all Shelters, Rescues and Care Facilities! We want to help you with your efforts!

How It Works

1. Upload a photo of your organization’s “spokes-dog.” This dog should embody what your shelter is all about.

2. Add a brief description about your shelter and your featured dog.

3. Have your friends, family, fans and followers vote for your organization and the “spokes-dog.”

Please Read Rules & Regulations before participating!

Important Information
After you have submitted your photo, a link will appear. Please copy this link! This is the only way you will be able to edit your entry if needed. 

Submissions must meet the criteria outlined above to be eligible for entry and winning. Only one submission per organization is allowed. 

Entries can be submitted through Twitter & Instagram platforms by adding #everydoghasitsdaygiveaway to photo. 

One vote per person. And by person, we mean person. Please do not use pet Facebook profiles to bolster votes. We will immediately delete them.

The organization’s photo with the most qualified votes will win $1,500. The two organizations following with the second and third most qualified votes will win $500 each. 

Only U.S. Residents, 18 and older, are eligible to win contests. Contest begins Tuesday, October 2nd & ends Friday, October 12th at 5pm est. Entries must fit the contest guidelines to be eligible for entry.

Upon entering the contest, each entrant is releasing their information for use to Best Bully Sticks and is held responsible to Best Bully Sticks contest Rules & Regulations. When submitting a photo for this contest, you are releasing Best Bully Sticks and it’s affiliates to repurpose or reproduce the photo.

We do not condone cheating. Any suspicious activity will be monitored by contest managers. If we in the least are suspect of any person, we will remove the entry. Voting exchange votes are NOT allowed. Only one vote per person. No votes from profiles that are being maintained as pets will be allowed to vote. Humans only, people. No international votes or entries will be accepted. We reserve the right to remove any derogatory comments. No purchase necessary to win. You must meet the requirements of the contest to be eligible. All Animal Rescue or Animal Shelter organizations are eligible for winning.

Because of Facebook Policy, any comments that appear to be votes and are outside or our OfferPop Photo Contest App on Facebook, will be deleted to comply with Facebook Promotion Guidelines. BestBullySticks.com is in no way affiliated with Facebook.

Best Bully Sticks is the sponsor and administrator of this contest. Best Bully Sticks is located at 1221 Admiral Street, Richmond, VA 23220

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