Every Day is Earth Day at Best Bully Sticks!

If you didn’t know already, Best Bully Sticks is all about using the fewest, yet highest quality ingredients possible for all of our treats, chews, toys and supplies.  A wonderful side effect of having all-natural conscious customers, is knowing that most of those customers also care about the environment, and so do we. Best Bully Sticks has made a continued effort to be as environmentally responsible with the way we run our company. In honor of Earth Day and the events surrounding the “green” weeks around the nation, we decided to tell our readers and customers about the “Green” Best Bully Sticks.com

1. We recycle all our cardboard boxes! In all honesty, Richmond, Virginia is a city that hasn’t had the best recycling track record, but new initiatives in the city are making recycling easier for all individuals. One of these includes an expanded Waste Management team. A truck comes by our warehouse every week pick up all of our discarded cardboard. And we go through A LOT of cardboard every week.  On Earth Day, this past Sunday the 22nd, we pledged we would recycle 90% of all our cardboard boxes!

2. We recycle office paper, bottles, and cans! Our office staff recycles all our scrap paper that would otherwise fill our trashcans. We also recycle our soda cans, juice bottles and any other aluminums and plastics. Every Friday we take the bins the recycling center down the street to responsibly dispose of our waste products.

3. Our work pods are made from recyclable materials! Best Bully Sticks employees work at Herman Miller workstations that are 59% recyclable.  Our workstations weigh 1/3 less than a traditional workstation system and contain 27% pre-recycled materials. The workstations even break down to small parts, which make it easier to recycle down the road. Our desk systems can even earn LEED credits.

Best Bully Sticks values environmental responsibility and we are always trying to think of new ways to reduce, reuse and recycle in our offices. We want to help make the earth a cleaner, healthier place so we and our dogs can enjoy the earth longer!

What do you do to support the environment? Comment below and tell us how!

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