Dogs do the Funniest Things: Bread Snatcher and Bathroom Hide-and-Seek

Back in May BBS held a Facebook Essay Contest to find out which of your dogs is the funniest!

Here are our 2nd & 3rd Place Winners’ essays on Scout & Bella. They each won Packs of Bully Sticks chews for their funny stories!

Enjoy reading!

scout Funniest Things contest Best Bully Sticks

Land Shark!

We took our mixed breed dog Scout to the lake for a swim. He had been having some back problems and ‘his chiropractor’ said swimming was good exercise for him.
Scout was enjoying doggie paddling around the small, neighborhood lake, when a little girl and her mother showed up to feed the ducks.
Each time the child threw a piece of bread into the water, to feed the momma duck and her babies, Scout got to the bread first. She threw another piece of bread – yup – Scout got to it first. This happened many times…
It was so funny – Scout was like a crocodile – all you could see was his eyes, and then his jaws – as he opened them to snatch the bread.
For a short while, all the little girl and her momma could do was watch their bread chunks disappear.
Wanting the ducks to have some fun, and to keep the family happy, we called Scout out and went home.




Bella Funniest Things contest Best Bully Sticks

Bella is my 8 year old Old English Sheepdog. She is a ham who loves attention! One day, I was sitting in the living room watching television when I heard the bathroom door slam and then scratching at the door. I got up to see what was going on and I found Bella had locked herself in the bathroom. I let her out and told her she was a silly dog. A little while later, I heard the door slam and the scratching again. I got up to let her out and told her to be more careful! I little while later, I saw her get up and wander in the direction of the bathroom. I hid and peeked around the doorway and watched her enter the bathroom, turn around, lift her paw and carefully close the door!! The scratching began…I laughed my head off, realizing she was doing this on purpose to divert my attention from the television to her! Needless to say, I now keep the door to the bathroom closed, but if I forget, she will still lock herself in and play the “Let me out!” game.


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