Doggy Travel Preparation Tips

Picture this: You’re headed out on a trip, and you think, “Did I get everything?” If you have to question it, chances are, you just might have! Best Bully Sticks knows preparation is everything!

As a professional organizer Bonnie Dewkett knows this, too. Bonnie is a Certified Professional Organizer and dedicates her life to forming “calm from chaos” through organizational systems. It’s not different when she travels with her dog Roxy, which she does often. Here is how she preps for a road trip with her pooch!

“I take my dog everywhere.  Most people take their dog in the car with them once in a while.  My dog is with me most often than not.  She only gets left home when I work with clients in their homes or offices.  And, when it’s going to be a long day she goes to “Grandpa’s Doggie Day Care.”

It’s important to me that Roxy is always comfortable and safe so there are a few things I did to make sure we are safe travelers.

The first thing I did to make travel easily is I designated a bag just for Roxy’s gear.  I keep it ready to go at all times.  It has a travel doggie bowl (plastic collapsible kind), a travel food bag, first aid supplies, a first aid bandana (for instructions), an extra leash, treats and toys.

I put a small inexpensive measuring cup inside it so I have no problems measuring out food when the time comes.  In order to be able to feed her on the go I have another collapsible bowl.

I also threw in some waste disposal bags.  Rest stops all have different types of rules.  Never knowing what I’m going to encounter, I wanted to be prepared.

If you can purchase an extra, it’s also a great idea to have a tick removal kit with you at all times.  I got tired of having to wing it on the go, so I bought a second for the car.

While we have been able to stay at some of our old hotels, we have had to find some new ones that take dogs without a large extra fee.  Visit this dog travel website to find the best places to stay with your pooch.

There are lots of books available about traveling with your dog.  It’s worth it to pick one up.  I also learned a lot about restaurants that allow you to sit on their porch with your dog, hiking trails and even places that are 100% pet friendly.

Finally, I have a small crate that I can carry into a hotel very easily.  It allows Roxy a place to sleep at night and some hotels even require your dog be in a crate in the room if you are not with them.  A crate like this is inexpensive, easy to travel with and gives you peace of mind.  Just make sure that your dog tests it out BEFORE your trip!”




Bonnie Dewkett is a professional organizer, author, and proud dog owner whose organizing advice has been featured in publications like Better Homes and Gardens, Good Housekeeping, Ladies Home Journal, The Huffington Post,  Parents, and Woman’s Day. She can be found at




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