Dog Days of Summer Scavenger Hunt

The Dog Days of Summer are tough. If you’re relaxing inside to get some relief from the summer heat, why not have a little fun with Best Bully Sticks!

Come along on the Dog Days of Summer Scavenger Hunt! You might just win a $200 Gift Box from Best Bully Sticks full of great summer products!

Read the contest Rules and Regulations before you begin! Then starting hunting for those Summer Suns!

How it Works
Follow each clue to where you think it’s leading. All wording in clues is very important. All answers to clues are found within You’ll know you got it right when you see a numbered Summer Suns within a product posting! Summer Suns can be anywhere on the page!

Submitting Your Answers
Submit your answers in numbered format (1-12) IN ORDER. We won’t take unnumbered or misnumbered entries. Answers should be the web address of the page where the Summer Sun appears! Email your entries to by Friday, July 13th @ 5pm EST! Only one entry per person. 

If more than one person finds all 12 Summer Suns, we’ll pick a random winner. Winner will receive a $200 Summer Gift Box! We’ll announce and contact the winner personally on Friday, July 13th as soon as the contest is over.  If you are not contacted, please assume you have not been selected for the grand prize. We will also announce the winner and the correct clues here on the Blog and on Facebook.

Example Clue & Answer
#1 Clue: “Easy Enough: Just Go Home!”

Your submitted answer:
1. Homepage:


#1 Clue: Dog’s can’t have sugar! But this is one Little Lollipop they’ll LOVE!

#2 Clue: Want to know the very latest way BBS can spoil your dog? You’ll find out here.

#3 Clue: If you have a groovy dog he’ll say, “This is one cool pad, man. Coool.”

#4 Clue: Have you ever heard of the rare species the Happy Wooly Dinosaur?

#5 Clue: That’s a bunch of Mumbo Jumbo! That stick isn’t smelly or little!  

#6 Clue: It’s a perfect Fit, and it keeps vacuuming the couch down to a minimum!

#7 Clue: Don’t let pollen get your pooch down! Check out this group of treats!

#8 Clue: Not the same ole watering hole. Quite on a Platinum level, actually.

#9 Clue: It’s Large, Jolly and Red but it’s not Santa!

#10 Clue: Make dinner for your dog’s “inner wolf.”

#11 Clue: Where you get on board with Best Bully Sticks bi-weekly insider bargains!

#12 Clue: It’s not grilled veggies and Meat on a Skewer for you! It is the summer treat of your dog’s dreams!

Remember! You must submit your answers as web addresses and in numbered order! Good luck and happy hunting!

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