Dog Care Tip #193: Dog-Friendly Holiday Decorating Tips knows decking your halls should help make your season jolly! However, holiday decorating and keeping your dog out of it may not always be the easiest of tasks. This season, BBS can give you some simple and quick ways to have a beautiful home for the Holiday Season while keeping Fido safe.

Choose Decorations Carefully – It shouldn’t be a surprise that some decorations are less potentially harmful than others. Here are a few that could cause your dog harm.

Tree – If you choose a live tree, make sure you don’t allow your dog to chew on the branches. If your dog chews on them too much, it can lead to excess drooling or vomiting. Many trees are also treated with chemicals, which help preserve the tree. These chemicals can seep into the water at the base of your tree, making it toxic to dogs. Make sure you cover the base of your tree with a skirt, aluminum foil or plastic wrap to deter your dog’s curiousness.

Lights & Glass Ornaments – If your dog has a penchant for chewing, think about making the switch to plastic lights and ornaments. Non-breakable ornaments will help keep any rowdy dog from knocking over glass baubles, or cutting his mouth on broken glass.

Garlands – Strings of popcorn and cranberries, tinsel or flocking (a imitation snow decoration) are all great ways to make sure your tree dazzles. However, if your dog were to ingest any of these, it could be a major problem. Upset stomachs, intestinal blockages and more can be caused from these garlands.   

Arranging Ornaments and Decorations – A decoration that could cause harm doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t use it. Placement can mean the difference between hazard and Holiday cheer. Basically, just keeping these decorations out of your dog’s reach is a great start. Keep breakable ornaments higher and toward the center of your tree and well tethered.

Drop & Reward – Besides placement, simple training can keep your dog out of trouble with Holiday decor. A “No” or “Drop it” command comes in handy if your dog decides that all the balls on the tree are for him. Make sure you reward your dog for good behavior around the tree as well.

Avoid Exciting Behavior – It’s easy to get excited about decorating for the Holidays, but if your dog is easily excited, then decorating can quickly become a hassle. Waving around shiny decorations, tossing tinsel and lights on the tree could motivate your dog to be rambunctious. If your dog is easily excited, keep your dog out of the room while you decorate. Play with your dog anywhere but the decorated room, crate or gate outside of the room or make this room a place of quiet and peace.

Yard Decorations – Stake any yard ornaments with tent stakes so Fido can’t pull them out of the ground.

Gift Wrapping – Does your dog have an appetite for chewing up paper? Putting gifts under the tree right before it’s time to give them is a great way to avoid Fido opening the gifts himself. Simply preventing access to the room or having your dog open his present in a separate place are other ways to prevent your dog from undoing your gift-wrapping.

Enjoy the Holidays! Don’t worry too much about Fido. Keeping a close eye on your dog is the easiest way to prevent any Holiday faux-paws this year! Keeping yourself calm and stress free will go a long way in keeping your dog the same way. A good bully stick can help with that, too. Happy Holidays, Best Bully Sticks Fans! 

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