Dog Care 101 Tip #204: Organizing Dog Supplies

Is your dog’s stuff taking over? If you have 1 dog, why do you have 4 leashes? And wasn’t that hook supposed to be for your keys? Spring cleaning is right around the corner so there’s no better time than now to de-clutter your dog’s stuff. Read’s helpful tips below for Organizing Dog Supplies.

De-clutter & Conquer: Paring Down
Most likely there are a few things you can pare down. The first step is gathering all your dog’s supplies in one area to see exactly what you have. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Donate or Trash:

– Broken or unused dog beds, crates or toys

– Treats your dog doesn’t care for or that are expired

– Any items from a pet that is no longer in your home

Thinking Categorically: Creating Categories
Separate your remaining items by these categories

– Food & Bowls

– Toys

– Medications

– Leashes

– Waste Disposal

– Paperwork

Pet Food Storage Area
Usually you’ll keep your dog’s food, bowls and treats in the area where he’ll eat. Whether that’s in the kitchen or near his kennel, finding the right items for organization could include an airtight dog food container, food scoop, a treat jar, properly sized dog bowls and anti-slip mats.

Pet Toys
Where does your dog play the most? In the living room or your bedroom or even an enclosed patio? Wherever it may be, keep all your dog’s toys here. A simple basket can contain all of your dog’s favorite toys like his long lasting Planet Dog balls. Every time you pick up your dog’s toys and place them back in the basket, put your dog’s favorite item in the very bottom. This creates a fun scavenging game for your dog!

Consider a separate toy basket that is specifically for outdoors play. Tennis balls and flying discs can have a permanent place on your covered porch or deck to be ready for a game of fetch anytime.

For Your Walk
Create a dog-friendly entryway near the door you’ll exit before you take your dog on his daily walk. Hang hooks on the wall for leashes and collars, gather plastic grocery bags or waste bags in a basket and stow a towel near the door to take care of muddy paws or wet fur. Keep a small bag of treats near the door for rewards and brush to keep Fido’s fur in check. A lint brush might be a good idea, too!

Veterinary information, adoption paperwork and certifications are all crucial papers you’ll want to keep not only organized but within reach. Create a binder or file folder for each individual pet divided by topic so information is easily accessible.

Do you need to de-clutter your dog’s stuff? Tell us how your organizing your pet’s supplies. 

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