Dog Care 101 Tip #201: Outdoor Winter Play Ideas for Your Dog

It’s cold out and giving your dog lots of fun playtime inside is a great idea. However, knows your dog still needs lots of sunshine and fresh air. Outdoor winter play just takes a little planning. That’s why we’ve come up with a few ideas to help you and Fido enjoy your time outdoors, even if it is a bit chilly.

The Right Attire
Just like you, your dog will need protection from the elements when going outside in cold winter weather. If snow is involved, make sure you keep a waterproof coat on shorthaired dogs. Dog boots are also a good choice as ice and salted roads can cause paw irritation. Musher’s Secret is also great for protection for paws and toes during the winter. Always keep proper identification on your dog; more dogs get lost during the winter season than any other.

Food Games
Take your dog on a walk and with each block you go, treat your dog to special treats. This will entice your dog and give him energy to keep going.

Play hide and seek in the snow with a desirable treat, like a bully stick! Tuck a bully stick under the snow or in a remote place in your yard and let Fido loose. His powerful sense of smell will guide him to the treat, and he’ll love finding it!

A Good Run
Even though it’s cold, a brisk walk or run around your neighborhood is great for you and your dog! Both of your bodies will warm up, and you’ll expend excess energy from being cooped up in the house!

Snow Games
Most dogs love a good romp in the snow. If your dog is a snow lover, let him run wild! Tossing a snowball, making snow angels and even eating snow (but not the yellow kind) will invigorate your dog and wear him out! Playing fetch with flying disc or tennis ball is a regular play activity that snow just makes more fun. These routine activities are even slightly more difficult because of snow, which makes for a worn out dog.

Back at Home
When you and Fido head back indoors make sure you wipe him down from head to toe. Any moisture trapped in skin folds or in fur can lead to frostbite. Make sure your dog drinks plenty of water and has a warm place to lie. For an extra special warm up, treat your dog to a warm treat one of our Weekly Drool Recipes.

If your dog just won’t go outside to play, check out BBS’s Indoor Winter Play Ideas. Also, try a highly durable chew like all-natural elk antlers. This dog chew will keep your dog busy for hours on end and help expend excess energy.

To see just how much fun your dog can have in snow, check out Demi the dog’s experience with 23 inches of snow! Comment below to share your dog’s reaction to the snow!

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