Dog Care 101 Tip #177 – Natural Dog Care: Home Remedies

If you are anything like the dog owners at Best Bully Sticks, your dog is a part of the family. In most cases, your dog might even be your “baby.” So, when your furry child gets a bump, scrape, upset tummy or other minor “boo-boo” you immediately want to comfort your pup. Before you rush off to the vet, just know that in most minor around the house slip-ups and sicknesses, you can treat your dog at home.

Today we’ll take you through some simple remedies for your dog’s ailments with treatments that come from your cupboards. We’ll even cover how to curb some unwanted behaviors in the home.

Rehydrate An Upset Stomach with Electrolyte Drinks
A troubled tummy is no good for you or your dog. The first thing to do when your pup has an upset stomach is make sure they’re getting enough fluids. Simply giving flavorless, pediatric electrolyte drinks to your dog will ensure he’s rehydrating.

A Dry or Itchy Dog:
If your dog is itchy all over, try an oatmeal bath. Use baby oatmeal cereal or use a food processor to finely grind oats and mix into a lukewarm bath. Let your dog soak in this mixture and it will give them immediate relief. For another take on a beneficial bath, use Vitamin E oil in a warm bath. You can also massage Vitamin E directly into your dog’s fur or give them capsules. Be sure to talk to your vet about the weight and breed specific dosages for your dog.

Itchy Paws might be another problem for your dog. This is simply solved by drawing 1-2 inches of warm water in a bath and dissolving Epsom salts into the water. Let your dog stand in the water for 5 to 10 minutes. Don’t let your dog drink the water! After soaking, pat dry your dog’s feet.  An Epsom salt bath can also reduce healing time of swelling and scrapes.

If dandruff is your dog’s problem, make an easy dandruff shampoo with aspirin and baby shampoo. Crush 6 Aspirin into a fine powder then add to a bottle of baby shampoo. When washing your dog with this mixture, lather your dog with the shampoo and let sit for 5 minutes. This waiting period helps the aspirin’s salicylic acid to exfoliate the dead skins cells away. Rinse and you’ll have a dandruff-free dog!

Be hopeful it never happens, but if your dog does get fleas, there are two simple solutions to rid your home and your dog of these pests.

For your dog, make a lemon water bath. Fleas are repelled by citrus and it will also make your dog smell fresh and clean. Start by boiling water and pouring it over lemons. Let this steep overnight. Simply strain the lemons and pour mixture into a spray bottle. Spray directly on your dog’s skin. Brewer’s yeast can also be sprinkled over your dog’s food to provide a daily dose for flea prevention.

For your home, use borax. This tried-and-true multi-purpose powder is great for ridding your home of fleas. Simply sprinkle all over your floors and then sweep or vacuum up the excess. The left-over borax crystals are tough enough to break a flea’s hard exoskeleton, thus killing the fleas.

Corn Starch for Broken Toe Nails
Your dog is bound to break or chip a toe nail by running around in the backyard or simply snagging it on a rug or carpet. Even if you accidentally get too close to a dog’s quick while clipping toe nails, many things can make toe nails break and bleed. If toe nails do start bleeding, simply dip the nail in corn starch and the bleeding will stop. Remember to keep your dog’s nails trimmed and filed.

Ease Arthritis Pain with an Old Sock & Rice
If your pup is suffering from aches and pains fill a sock with uncooked white rice, but not too compactly. Tie a knot in the end and heat in a microwave for 1 minute. This creates a heating pad that conforms to the body area that is painful for your dog.

Preventing Ear Infections with Cotton Balls & Baby Oil
When giving your dog a bath, water can easily find its way into the ear and could potentially cause painful ear infections. To prevent this, moisten cotton balls with baby oil and place them in your dog’s ears. Just remember to take them out!

Vegetable Shortening for Sticker or Burrs in Fur
If your dog has ever gone on a wilderness excursion, or even through an overgrown yard, he might have picked up stickers and burrs from plants. These can be particularly uncomfortable for your dog if they stick to the pads of your dog’s feet. All you need to relive your pup is vegetable shortening. You’ll want to wear gloves to protect yourself from the stickers and then use the shortening to loosen the burrs from the fur. You will have to shampoo your dog to remove the shortening. 

Similarly, you can get gum out of a dog’s fur by using olive oil.

Curb Chewing: White & Apple Cider Vinegars
Fido chewing on furniture? Shake up a 1-1-1 ratio of White Vinegar, Apple Cider Vinegar and water in a spray bottle and spray on any furniture Fido has an appetite for.

Strategically Placed Trash Bags for Household “Uh-Oh’s”
Whether you’re housetraining or Fido is “marking” around the house, strategically placed trash bags help correct these issues. By opening the bag along the seam and placing them on or around furniture or floors, Fido won’t like the way the bag feels under foot or sounds when rattled. 

There’s no getting around the fact that your dog will probably go through some of these discomforts in your life together. That is why Best Bully Sticks wants to prepare you now for those moments. To be even more prepared, check out our First Aid Kit blog. This will help you create an easy, yet comprehensive kit for anything more than these small ailments. 

Next week we’ll cover more Natural Dog Care by focusing on the benefits of Herbal Remedies. Make sure to read all of the Healthy Dog Blog’s Dog Care 101 articles!

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