Dog Care 101: Tip #167 – Gardening With Your Dog Pt. 1

It’s the time of year when veggies and flowers are growing and blooming! Best Bully Sticks knows that this vegetation will not only provide healthy food during the summer months, but creates a colorful array of nature’s beauty. There are many who love their gardens and tend them carefully as if it were a child or masterfully as if it were a piece of art. Many of those same people are just as passionate about dogs; yet canine friends and gardens don’t always mesh well. That’s why this week Best Bully Sticks is going to dole out some fertilizer to the garden patch and pooch relationship with tips and tricks for gardening with your dog.

Garden Needs
Some life stages of your garden are more fragile than others, particularly the beginning stages when sprouts need to be coddled a bit. However, your pooch is 100% indifferent to protecting those plants. Here are a few tips to protect the needs of your garden.

Knowing your dog is the first step in knowing how to address the issues of garden protection. Some dogs may not have any interest in romping in a garden bed, while others may feel a bit more mischievous. Knowing your dog’s behavior and attitudes will give you the first clues in how to pooch-proof your garden.

Training your dog to keep out of the garden can be done by simply utilizing commands he already knows such as out, sit, no, and stay. However you’ll want to start with these commands as soon as you start preparing to plant. The sooner your dog knows that a particular patch of dirt is off-limits, the less likely he is to romp through it when veggies or flowers are growing. Repetition of commands, consistency with training and the sooner the better: all good words of wisdom in training your dog to keep out of the garden.

Barriers are a more permanent way to deter your dog from getting too close to the garden. Training is always a great step, but if your dog is truly rambunctious, then creating a barrier is added protection. A simple chicken wire barrier, picket fences, or a few railroad ties are all good options to keep your dogs at bay. If you have a deck, let your dog come outdoors with you, but confine him to the deck where he can still see you and enjoy the nice gardening weather. Even planting barrier shrubs or bushes are a great way to add to the aesthetic value of your garden while keeping Fido out.

Doggy Needs
While you and Fido are hanging out in the garden, remember that your dog needs to be take care of too.

Providing the basics to keep your dog comfortable in the summer heat is very important.  Dogs get hot quickly because of their fur, so provide plenty of fresh, cool water. While your planting anyway, go ahead and plant your dog a little shade tree, like an apple tree, so your dog can have a shady resting place near the garden.  

Including your dog doesn’t mean he needs to start helping dig holes while you’re planting or pruning, but include your dog nonetheless. Take a break from the garden to play with your dog. He’ll enjoy the company and special bonding time. You can also keep special toys near your garden that will help equate going to the garden with a bit of fun.  Having a special treat designated for time in the garden will make these times something for your dog to truly get excited about. Try BBS’s 12 Inch Jumbo Odor Free Thick Bully Sticks! These will keep your pup entertained while your working in the garden!

While reconciling the relationship between your dog and your garden is great, an overly curious dog or a run in with garden equipment can be hazardous! Check back next week for Part 2 in our Gardening With Your Dog series! How do you keep your dog out of your garden? Leave a comment below and let us know! 

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