Dog Care 101: Tip #165: Memorial Day Safety For Dogs

Break out the sprinklers, the grill and the checkered tablecloths! Best Bully Sticks wants to say, “HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY!” Families around the nation gather to remember those service men and women who gave their lives to maintain our national freedoms as well as enjoy the company of those who are closest to us. That tight-knit group includes your dog, too! While you enjoy your Memorial Day, as well as a good burger, don’t forget to let Fido join the fun! BBS will be taking you through some past editions of the Healthy Dog Blog’s safety tips to keep your favorite pup safe while enjoying your Memorial Day festivities!

1. Don’t Share Food! There are lots of human foods that aren’t good for you dog, and while you may want to treat your pup, that treat may not be good to him. Make sure you keep all food and alcoholic beverages out of Fido’s reach.

2. Keep Fresh Water Available! Fresh water is essential to keeping your dog’s internal temperature down on a potentially hot Memorial Day. No matter where you are having your Memorial Day fun, make sure fresh water is available for your dog. Best Bully Sticks makes this easy with the Drinkwell Original Pet Fountain, or if you’re on the go, the Handi-Drink Portable Bottle/Bowl is a great travel-friendly alternative.

3. Memorial Day Travel with Fido! If you have Memorial Day plans down the street, across town or half a country away and decide to take your dog, make sure you’re keeping your pup safe in the car. But most importantly, DO NOT LEAVE YOUR DOG IN THE CAR!  BBS wants to offer some great tips for keeping your dog safe on the road. Read our Road Trip Dog Care Safety post to learn more!

4. Down By the Sea! Even if it’s not the sea, make sure your pup is safe around the water if it’s included in your Memorial Day plans. Remember, not all dogs are natural swimmers, so having a life jacket is a big part of keeping your dog safe in and around water. BBS offers the Premier Fido Float Dog Life Vest that makes dog water safety easy, affordable, and even fashionable! Read our Dog Water Safety Tips for more information.

5. Lighter Fluid & Citronella are No-No’s. We’re not saying you can’t use them, just that they need to be out of your dog’s reach. Ingesting these can have serious effects on your dog’s nervous system.

6. Keep the Bugs at Bay. It’s VERY important to remember that just because something is good for you doesn’t necessarily mean it is good for your dog. That being said, do not ever use human-grade bug repellent on your dog. This can potentially cause vomiting, diarrhea, excessive thirst and drooling. Having a dog-specific bug repellent on hand, like FrogWorks Oscar’s Critter Repellent, is a great way to keep bugs off your pug (or any other dog.)

7. Fireworks Fright! The bursts of fantastical light and noise that are fireworks are a patriotic American tradition. However, your dog may not like the loud noises, but if you have our dog during a fireworks display there are some ways to ease his fears. Find out more in our How To Ease Your Dog’s Fear of Fireworks post.

If you decide to leave Fido at home during your Memorial Day festivities, make sure he still has plenty of food and water and a trusted friend or neighbor is there to let him out to use the bathroom! Best Bully Sticks wishes you and your family a safe and happy Memorial Day!

Let us know how you include Fido in your Memorial Day plans in the comments section below!

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