Dog Care 101 #222: Grooming for Summer

Summer Grooming Tips from BBSGrooming is an important part of responsible pet ownership — especially during the summer months. As the heat rises, so do the risks of dehydration and heat stroke. If you’ve got a long haired breed — one with a particularly thick undercoat — BestBullySticks suggests looking into grooming as a way to help your dog cope with the heat and stay happy.


At the end of the day, haircuts aren’t necessary for dogs. Between regular brushing and bathing, your dog shouldn’t have any issues making it through the summer. We carry a wide array of all-natural grooming products sure to bring your dog some relief. Long haired breeds and those with thick undercoats generally have more difficulty dealing with the heat. However, as a rule of thumb, these breeds shouldn’t be kept outdoors for long periods of time during hotter months.

Contrary to what many think, your dog’s coat actually acts as an insulator shielding them from the hot sun. Trimming a dog’s coat only serves to increase their exposure to the sun and may even lend itself to an increased chance of dehydration and heatstroke. Dogs have little to no skin pigment needed to combat the sun’s harsh UV rays. A healthy coat of fur is their only line of defense against the sun.

Brushing Tips from BBS

Seasonal Shedding

Both the Spring and Fall bring about an increase in shedding. While it might seem like there’s no end in sight for some dogs and their shedding habits, there is one way to drastically reduce the amount of hair strewn about your home — regular brushing. A steady grooming routine will make your dog a whole lot happier and make your life easier!

Many times a bit of extra brushing and bathing is all that’s needed to increase your dog’s comfort level during the summer. The removal of dead hair and skin will make their coat more breathable and easier to cool off. Some dogs require daily brushing while others may only need it weekly. If you still see tons of hair laying around, chances are you need to keep brushing!

BestBullySticks recommends using a slicker brush to remove dead hair from your dog’s undercoat. Both the undercoat and topcoat do shed, however it is the seasonal undercoat that fills your home with tufts of hair. Make sure you find a brush designed for your dog’s particular coat.

BBS Encourages Proper GroomingGroomers

For some, the right type of haircut can have a profound effect on their comfort. The benefits of taking your dog to a professional groomer far outweigh saving a few bucks by doing it yourself. Not only is giving a dog a haircut mighty difficult, there’s genuine risk of causing irreversible damage to your dog’s topcoat if you don’t know what you’re doing!

Some owners make the mistake of going the whole nine yards and clipping their dog’s hair off entirely. BestBullySticks strongly advises against doing this. A thorough buzzing of your dog’s hair may prevent their top coat from growing back at all!

To Groom or Not to Groom?

If you think your dog would benefit from a trip to the groomer, by all means take them! Your dog will surely be the best looking dog on the block, just don’t be surprised if they don’t seem drastically cooler. Grooming is a social activity for dogs. Spending a just a bit of extra time with your dog for a brushing can be a positive bonding experience. Find a brush that works with your dog’s coat and reap the benefits of a cool, good looking dog and a clean home!

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