Dog Care 101 #221: Pet Fire Safety Awareness Day

Today is Pet Fire Safety Awareness Day and we at BestBullySticks thought this would be a great opportunity to bring extra attention to a very important pet-related day. Did you know there are over 1,000 house fires caused by pets each year? A surprising statistic! Many of these accidents can be prevented by taking simple precautions around the house. There are many responsibilities that come with being a pet owner — this is especially true when it comes to safety.

Developing an emergency plan that includes your pets is a great way to reduce the risk of fires in your home. Luckily, putting togeth
er an emergency plan isn’t too tough. To make things even easier, we’ve gone ahead and assembled a few quick tips to get you started. Let’s look at a few pet-centric strategies to keep your family safe.

Foolproof Fireproofing

There are a few key areas around the home that require special attention when it comes to fire safety.

The number one cause of pet-related house fires are tied to the stove. Curious dogs and and cats will snoop around counter tops for tasty morsels of food. While scavenging for goodies, your furry friend runs the risk of bumping those ever-so-easy to turn stove knobs.

Some owners opt to remove the knobs altogether, others invest in knob covers to prevent them from being accidentally turned on. Whichever route you take, both options can eliminate the chance of your pet turning on the stove.

Candles are are a fire hazard for people and pets alike. A wagging tail or the swipe of a paw can easily take a candle right off a table!  Consider looking into electric candles. They’re inexpensive, far safer, produce less of a mess and minimize the risk of fire

Exposed wires and electrical cords are also fire hazards and a potential source of injury. Curious puppies are especially prone to chewing on new and unknown items. Confine your pets away from these potential hazards while away.

Better Safe Than Sorry!

The first step to pet related safety at home is Pet Alert Stickers. Lucky for you, the ASPCA gives these away free of charge! Apply one sticker to each entrance of your home. You may not be around if a fire breaks out — these stickers could be firefighters only notice about the pets in your home. Most importantly, make sure you keep these stickers up to date

Some home security systems even feature remotely monitored fire detection. These units are a great option because they will alert emergency services immediately — mere minutes can make the difference between life and death with house fires. While these systems are expensive, they can afford pet owners peace of mind when away from home.

Prudent Planning

When it comes to emergencies, never say never! Fires can happen anywhere and they strike when you least expect it. Take the time to develop an emergency plan for your family and pets. An organized and thought-out plan can dramatically reduce the chances of injury and will help you and your loved ones remain calm under pressure. When developing your emergency plan, consider these pet-related tips:

  • Practice: A house fire will cause most any pet to panic, increasing the chances of them running off. By practicing with your pets, you’ll make them much more comfortable if the real thing does happen.

  • Remain Calm: If you practice your routine enough, you’ll have no problems during an emergency. It will also give your pets a big boost in confidence making it easier for the both of you to get out quick.

  • Carry Identification: Pets should wear proper identification at all times. As a backup, consider keeping a set of tags and a leash near exits in case of an emergency.

Fire Safety is often ignored because many think it will never happen at their home. It only takes a small mistake to turn an accident into a tragedy. With pets in the mix, being prepared is one of best precautions you can take. A well developed plan takes only an afternoon to prepare and a couple of days to master. Develop your plan and pet-proof the house — take our steps to protect your pets and family.

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