Did you Say Best Bully Stick SALE!! Plato Pet Treats & MORE!!

Lucky you ! All of our Plato products are on SALE until Sunday June 12th at 5pm EST 🙂

All Plato Dog Treats are made in the USA and are excellent products that you can give to your dogs with confidence. They’re the highest quality dog treats on the market!

Plato Dog Treats Chicken is certified USDA organic, and the entire line is made with world-class ingredients and probiotics.

Yummy! Delicious Plato Farmer's Market Sweet Potao Chews

Yummy! Delicious Plato Farmer's Market Yam Treats.

Here are the three choices in their new “Farmer’s Market” line:
1.  Salmon and Vegetables
2.  Chicken and Vegetables
3.  Sweet Potato Dog Chews

Is your dog hypoallergenic?

Well don’t sweat  bullets we even have some delicious Plato Treats for that sensitive allergy prone pup in your life.  Because every dog deserves a yummy dog treat! As many as 20% of all dogs have food allergies, especially to chicken (even all-natural organic chicken like ours). So for them, we recommend our All-Natural Duck Strips. They’re made to the same high standards, with top-quality ingredients, and every bit as tasty as our other treats.

Wild Salmon Supplement for Shiny Coat

Wild Salmon Supplement great for Shiny Coats!!

And that’s not all! We now offer Plato Pet Treats Salmon Oil, which we firmly believe is one of the best supplements you can ever give your dogs. Salmon oil helps maintain your dog’s skin, coat, eye, heart, and immune system.  The oil comes in an opaque bottle for freshness and  is naturally preserved with rosemary. An added bonus of the rosemary is that it reduces the smell of the oil to a minimum.

Try Plato Pet Treats products-we’re sure you and your dog will be pleased!

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Missing a Bone? If there is a particular type of dog bone you would like to see offered on bestbullysticks.com , please let us know and we will do out best to make it happen! One of our motto’s is “happy dog, happy owner & happy life”.

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