A Day in the Life of a Corgi Puppy!

Fall is a great time to visit local apple orchards, and what better company than your dog? This past weekend, our graphic designer, Brandon, and his puppy, Cap’n Crunch the Brunch Corgi went to The Dog and Pig Show in Richmond, VA for brunch (living up to her name) and then up to Carter Mountain Orchard to pick some apples!  

Join this Corgi puppy on her Sunday Funday adventure!


Move over, Dad! That chorizo biscuit is mine now!



LEAVES! ALL the leaves!



Yeah, I’m totally allowed to drive already. Ignore the human hands, they’re just for show!



OOH! I finally found an apple that my stubs can reach!



Give me the apple, Dad!



Om nom nom



I’m an independent corg WHO DON’T NEED NO HANDS to eat this apple



That sure was tasty!



These pumpkins are my new favorite fall vegetable


Heehee, these pumpkins have accepted me as one of their own

Heehee, these pumpkins have accepted me as one of their own

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Photos by M. Caroline Wilson.



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