Cow Ears or Pig Ears

Cow Ears or Pig Ears

We get a lot of questions about both of these chews and wanted to clarify some information on them.  First off, they are both from South American free-ranging animals (this means that they are not kept in feedlots, given hormones, and are free-grazing eating mostly grasses).   They are also both great chews for dogs and last a considerable amount of time.  The sizing of them is about the same with the cow ears being a little bigger.  They are both all natural and not smoked and as such offer a pretty clean treat for your dog.  These are also both single ingredient items (no preservatives, chemicals, etc…)

Now for the differences…

Cow Ears are typically an off-white color and have a faint beef smell to them.  They are not greasy at all and have a little less fat than a pig ear.  They are a great option for dogs that are sensitive to pork products or may need to diet a bit.  The nutritional data for cow ears is as follows:

Guaranteed Analysis
Crude Protein    (Min.) 83.00%
Crude Fat          (Min.) 4.00%
Crude Fiber      (Max.) 8.00%
Moisture           (Max.) 5.00%

Pig Ears are a pink/brown/hazel color and are also a great dog chew.  These have been around forever and are a little higher in fat than Cow Ears.  Just like the Cow Ears the Pig Ears will have a faint pork smell that is all natural.  The following is the nutritional data on Pig Ears:

Guaranteed Analysis
Crude Protein    (Min.) 66.00%
Crude Fat          (Min.) 20.00%
Crude Fiber      (Max.) 4.00%
Moisture           (Max.) 10.00%Please also consider some of our other unique natural items like beef monster bones, trachea chips, or pig ear strips!

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