Contest Winners: Doggie Doppelganger Photo Contest

Best Bully Sticks recently concluded a fun Photo Contest that asked dog parents to submit photos of their dog and their human lookalike. Fans really had fun with this! We even received some Mark Wahlberg lookalikes but alas, we were looking for non-celebrity photos.

The Prizes: over $300 in Best Bully Sticks natural dog treats!

Here are our Winners:Rocksy Labrador


Winner-Buttons-2-1stD’Ann & Rocksy

“Like mother like daughter!”

Rocksy the Labrador lives with “brofurs” Rexford, a lab puppy, and Sonny the Dachshund in West Virginia. Their favorite Best Bully Sticks treats are Odor free Thick, Jumbo, and Monster bully sticks and Beef Trachea.


Frankie Havanese1

  Winner-Buttons-2-2ndFrankie & Spare Change

Spare Change’s mom says, “We have two Havanese puppies: Spare Change and his paternal half brother, Debit. We were introduced to your thick odor free bully sticks about a year ago by our neighbor. I buy the 12″ bully sticks because it’s so funny to see them munch and tug of war with it! I’ve done a lot of research on bully sticks, and I confidently recommend your product over what is offered at the local pet stores.”

Iggy and Brittney 3rd_cr


Iggy and Brittney 3rd_cr

Winner-Buttons-2-3rdIggy and Brittney

Iggy is an almost 2 year-old Shih Tzu from Ohio who enjoys dressing up for photos. She hasn’t tried Best Bully Sticks yet, so we’re excited to introduce them to her!



Congrats to our winners!

Missed the contest but still want to share a photo of your dog doppelganger? Email us at social (at)

Stay tuned to Best Bully Sticks Facebook and Instagram for another Photo Contest later this spring.


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