Conscientious Dog Treat and Chew Picks

Conscientious Dog Treat and Chew Picks

When we started our company a few years ago we knew that we wanted to make sure we were confident and happy knowing that everything we offered for sale was something that we could be proud in and something that was healthy and rewarding for dogs.  We have to be honest it is tempting to sell popular dog treats like rawhide, or stuff packed with wheat and gluten; but we have learned over time that this is just simply not healthy and refuse to offer it.  Pretty packaging does not take the place of good nutrition, dog treats with ingredients you can’t understand or pronounce are probably not healthy, and treats shaped like little steaks that smell like plastic just don’t cut it!  Our commitment to you is to continue to scour the earth to find the unique, natural and healthy dog treats and chews like bully sticks you have come to know us for.

We must say that in the beginning we were “casual” dog owners and did not understand that it was important to really look at what we were feeding our dogs, how often they eat, how often they excersise etc.; but as our knowledge of the pet industry has grown, so has our knowledge of our own pet’s health.  We hope that you find our selection as rewarding as we do as we routinely use all of the products which we sell.

Simply Put, We promise to:

  • Offer healthy unique treats chews and other items that will not harm your dog
  • We will keep our everyday prices as low as possible to make our selection available and accessible to the greatest number of owners and dogs possible
  • We will continue to bring on new manufacturers that are committed to healthy pets and enriching the lives of our dogs
  • We will listen to you and your feedback and adapt accordingly
  • We will price match anyone on the internet or in a retail store for any of the products we sell (as long as they are of comparable quality) to make sure we stay competitive

Please follow the blog, over the next couple of weeks we will be launching not only several new chews and treats that are unique and extremely healthy, but we will also be adding TWO new categories of products and a supplement/food that is simply amazing!

As always, thank you for your continued patronage and support and if you find something you feel like should be here please let us know!!!

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