Chews Wisely: Limited Time Savings on Our Organic Fish Chews

Your dogs will love chomping on our Great White Chews!

Your dogs will love chomping on our Great White Chews!

These Great White Chews are a new and exciting chew for all of you that wanted a fish treat! Full of amazing and suspenseful delicious taste at every bite these fish chews are made from wild ocean thresher shark spine and nothing else! Your dog enjoys a great chew while reaping a bunch of benefits:

●  Cleaner teeth
●   Improved joint health-the chews are naturally packed with chondroitin sulfate
●   Omega 3 fatty acids, to help maintain healthy skin and heart
●   High in protein, low in fat
●   Anti-cancer properties

These chews are humanely obtained: no sharks are killed for them. There is an overpopulation of these sharks in the Indian Ocean, and the meat is eaten and the chews are culled naturally.

So whats in it for you? Well, you get the pleasure of spoiling your dog with a healthy chew alternative and can save some $$$$. These particular chews are only available for a limited time, and can range in thickness from regular to jumbo and length from 6-8″.

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Bark the Word about our treats, chews & savings!!

Save Big! Bark the Word about our treats, chews & savings!!

Refer-A-Friend is a Hit
Many of you have taken advantage of our Refer-a-Friend/Family Member promotion, and we extend our heartfelt thanks for that-it’s the biggest compliment you can give us. Due to the overwhelming success of the program, we have decided to make it permanent!

Are you new to Refer-A-Friend? It’s simple! Here’s how it works:
Your friend or family member place their first order with Best Bully Sticks.
On that first order, your friend or family member types your name and the words “Refer-A-Friend” in the “Comments” section. We send you a coupon code for 10% off once the order is placed!

Hmmm.. Where did i put that bone?

Hmmm.. Where did i put that bone?

Missing a Bone? If there is a particular type of dog bone you would like to see offered on, please let us know and we will do out best to make it happen! One of our motto’s is “happy dog, happy owner & happy life”.

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