Chew-monial : Virtual Hugs & Fish Stix Licks From Our Furry Friends at Husky Camp Rescue

We here at Best Bully Sticks are always excited to get chew-monials from tail wagging fans & customers. So, if you can image we leaped for joy when we received a virtual hug in the form of a letter from our friends at Husky Camp, a Siberian Husky Rescue. They were one of our five winners for of our last months Best Bully Sticks $3000 Fish Stix Favorite Dog Rescue Giveaway as a way to reward deserving rescues, shelters and their dogs. So, we want to send a heartfelt thanks to ever one you nominated & voted for their favorite shelter. Paws up to you & all the rescues and shelters who make a difference each day in the lives of deserving animals. Don’t forget to support your local animal shelter & rescue and open up your heart & home to a pet in need of adoption.

Dear Best Bully Sticks-

We wanted to thank you for your generous donation of Fish Sticks to our Siberian Husky Rescue. It was an honor to see the support that we must have for our rescue and we thank all of our loyal supporters. As you can see from the attached photos, they were well received and enjoyed by everyone! Before we even opened the box, it became a chew toy… so we knew they’d love them, and we were right.. they’re a big hit around here!

ROO1I also included a photo of one of our foster dogs who is recovering from hip and leg surgery. “Big Roo” as we call him (he hops around on one back leg) is a young Malamute who was presumably hit by a car and then picked up by an animal shelter that didn’t do anything to fix him. When we got a hold of him he was in a lot of pain and needed major surgery and pins in his hip to save his broken leg. He is only 9 months old and has a lot of energy, so recovery has been tough. He has to be confined so that the other dogs don’t play with him or get up and try to do too much. He has “crate fever” and gets a little crazy.

We have found that we can toss him a Bully Stick from Best Bully Sticks and it calms him down and takes out some of his anxiety and allows him to get his much needed rest. The more we can keep him resting, the faster he can recover and the Bully Sticks have been a tremendous help in that. Thank you again for your support of rescue, it means a lot to us.


Kevin Marlin

Husky Camp
Siberian Husky Rescue






If these pics are making your dog drool with envy, don’t forget to dig around . Please make sure to check out our growing selection of dog treats, dog chews, and of course our bully sticks.

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