Brush Brush Splish Splash! Introducing Cain and Able Dog Dental Kit and Bath Spa Products

Here at, we hope “”every dog has its day spa.””  Our goal is for every dog to be bathed with a great product that’s wonderful for coat and skin, has practical benefits, and is good for the environment. Inspired out of love for dogs and the people they own, Cain & Able Collection spa bath products truly offer these remarkable benefits with a focus on nurturing pets. So, as you can imagine, we are so excited and proud to offer them to you & your dog. So check sit and stay a while, sniff out some of our product offerings!

Give the Gift of a Beautiful Healthy Smile & Clean teeth

Celebrate February National Pet Dental Health Month with us all year round by making your dog or cats dental health a priority. Help your dog fall in love with oral care by trying our Cain & Able Kissable Toothpaste and Toothrbrush Combo Kit. Make your pooch (even more) kissable with the all-natural dental products of Cain & Able. Not only will you give your dog the confidence to show off his pearly whites. You’ll also be helping to ward off bad breath, gum disease, infections, and even heart disease. It’s amazing what daily teeth brushing at least 2-3 times a week will do for your pets overall health.

The unique design of the KissAble toothbrush makes it easy to clean all three sides of each tooth with one stroke. The soft bristles massage the gums, while the firmer bristles clean the teeth. The vanilla flavored toothpaste tastes great for dogs and their people! Made in the USA.

Information from the American Veterinary Dental Society

More than 80% of dogs suffer from periodontal disease by the age of two. You can help prevent serious health problems by consistently brushing your dog’s teeth.

Clean pooch

Everyone enjoys a day at the spa, and now you can offer that wonderful experience to your pooch right at home. Cain and Able all-natural shampoo & conditioners treats your pooch to an aromatherapy experience with the healing benefits of essential oils. Give you dog a bath rejuvenates, soothes, and results in a luxurious coat that smells wonderful. You’ll be bathing your pooch with a shampoo & conditioner that’s good for the environment: it has NO harsh detergents, artificial colors or synthetic perfumes.  You won’t have to worry about drying out skin and coat, eye irritations, skin rashes, allergic reactions, and hair loss.

All Cain & Able bath products are tested on humans first. So, suds up with a rejuvenating shampoo & conditioner scent  of choice!

Cain and Able Lavendar Shampoo 16 oz.

Cain and Able Lavendar Conditioner 16 oz.

Cain and Able Peppermint Shampoo 16 oz.

Cain and Able Peppermint Conditioner 16 oz.

Pets Need Dental Care, Too!

In honor of Feburary Pet Dental Month, we are highlighting our Dental Treats and Chews category.

We’ve hand-picked items that are great for dental health. Most of our all-natural dog treats and chews are great for healthy teeth and gums in general, but these particular products are all designed specifically for those benefits.

We encourage you to brush your pet’s teeth 3-5 times per week and supplement with natural chews. doing so can add years to your dog’s life!

Furry Chew-holics Rejoice!

All of loyal tail wagging bully stick chew fans can’t get enough of our chews & treats. Don’t take our word for it just watch Samson enjoying one of our bully sticks. For humans with sensitive noses we also offer odor free bully sticks. Our dog chews & bones are all natural, and from either Brazilian or US meat sources. If you have a highly aggressive chewers then you came to the right place. Your dogs will fall in love with our grrreat selection, while you go gaga over our amazing prices! We are constantly adding new dog bones & chews, so make sure to check back often. Better yet sign up for our newsletter and receive the inside scoop on new products, special saving & discounts & stay up to date on Best Bully Sticks happenings for 2010. We have some wonderful things in store worth barking about, so sniff around our site daily!

Give the gift of  a good chew.  Delicious & all natural, the way nature intended!

Please make sure to check out our growing selection of dog treats, dog chews, and of course our  bully sticks . Try our NEW Odorless Odor free all natural free range bully sticks!

A picture is worth a thousand words, or shall we say free bully sticks!

Our photo gallery is growing constantly, please submit a photo of your dog enjoying any of our products to enter our twice monthly contest! Each month we will have a drawing on those customers who submitted pictures to the gallery and a winner will be chosen and posted on the site. The winner will win more bully sticks!

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