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Mason the Pug enjoying a safe & healthy Best Bully Stick. Ready, Set, Chew..

Mason the Pug enjoying a safe & healthy Best Bully Stick. Ready, Set, Chew..

We are always excited when we get in a new line of healthy dog treats & chews. We are proud to now offer All-Natural Elk Bones. These are rare item for us and we are proud to bring you these unique Best Bully Sticks dog bones. These bones should last your dog days (depending on size). Sure to be a hit with small and large pups!

Hey!! the Best Bully Sticks team wants to put your mind at ease, keep your loyal companion safe & make chewing fun. Dogs love to chew, so its important that you provide safety while also giving your dog the pleasure of a good chew. So, here are some dog chew safety tips.

1. Size Matters. The bone of choice should be large enough that your dog can’t swallow it or fit the whole dog bone in his mouth. Dog bones this small can spell trouble; it’s possible for bones to get stuck in your dog’s throat or for fragments to lodge themselves in the mouth

2. Avoid the Chopping Block. Don’t give your dog bones that have been sawed or cut by the butcher. They are more likely to splinter and cause health issues.

3. Take Control. You can’t take a bone from your dogs chomps of steel & strong chewing grip if he or she is not properly trained. Obedience & knowing who’s boss is an important part of dog bone safety.Although obedience training should start at a younger age, you can teach an old dog new tricks. If you find your dog is chewing too long and hard on a bone or gnawing on an unsafe, cooked bone you need to quickly step in as the pack leader and take the bone away.

4. Monitor Your Dog. Remember safety first! Even with a safer chew bone, you should still supervise & moderate your dog while he or she is chewing.  Dogs chew bones at different rates some are slow like the tortoise while others are fast like the hare. So, keep a close watch.

5. Cry for help!  Even with the safest chew bones, there will always risk in the form of obstruction, choking, bacterial illness and tooth chipping. Here are some symptoms that your dog is in distress if he or she has loss of appetite, lethargy, vomiting, bloody diarrhea & constipation. If these symptoms arise take your dog to a vet immediately.

6. Say No to Table Scraps. NEVER give your dog chicken bones and cut pieces of bone from your plate. The cooking time necessary to cook meat makes bones brittle and weak so their bones will tend to splinter into hazardous pieces. Cooked bones that have been cut by the butcher can splinter and cause serious problems in a dog’s intestines. Chicken bones are especially hazardous.

7. Avoid Fast Chews. Dogs like a challenge and a chew or bone that can quickly be chomped takes away the fun. Not to mention it can be hazardous to your dogs health and cause your dog to become bloated or impacted.

Remember that a good dog chew should be palatable, tasty and enticing. As well as indestructible, able to with stand your dogs chompers for hours in order to satisfy his or her lust and craving for something to chew. Lucky for you Best Bully Sticks offers safe, all natural & healthy chews that do just that! We are dedicated to keeping your dog safe and giving you a peace of mind. So go ahead,  we dare you to try our chews and let your dog be the judge.

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