Rescue Shelter $1000 Giveaway Final Voting Round!

Best Bully Sticks Rescue & Shelter $1 Donation Program is a Success!

Thanks to the generous donations of Best Bully Stick customers $500 was raised last month and Best Bully Stick matched dollar for dollar for a grand total of $1000 to be given away to 2 lucky animal shelter & rescues ($500 each).

Now that rescue & shelter nominations have been tallied its time for our Best Bully Sticks Rescue Shelter $1000 Giveaway Final Voting Round!!!

Below are the top 10 nominated dog rescues, please vote 1 time for your favorite. The top 2 most voted on rescue will win $500 toward their rescue or shelter from our grand prize of $1000. Final Voting week runs: 10/16/11 – 10/18/11 12am EST

If your rescue didn’t win…stay tuned we have a giveaway every month. Join our FB page to stay informed. >>

Also You may only Vote 1 time, however you can campaign on behalf of your favorite animal shelter or rescue by tweeting, posting on Facebook, and telling your friends to vote as well.

Retweet/Repost on facebook: $1000 Giveaway: Voting Round – favorite dog rescue to win $500 (2 winners)


* 2 rescues or shelters will win $500 each from the grand prize of $1000

To vote for your favorite dog rescue / shelter simply vote in the poll below.

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