$1000 Favorite Dog Rescue Giveaway – Nominate Your Rescue Shelter to Win!

Best Bully Sticks Rescue & Shelter $1 Donation Program is a Success!

Thanks to the generous donations of Best Bully Stick customers $500 was raised last month and Best Bully Stick matched dollar for dollar for a grand total of $1000 to be given away to 2 lucky animal shelter & rescues ($500 each).

Nominate Your Rescue or Shelter

Do you have a favorite dog & animal rescue or shelter? Well we want to know about them & reward them. Leave your nomination on the bottom of this blog in the comments and become a fan of our facebook page. (Nomination week runs: 10/10/11 – 10/14/11 12pm EST) . Once all the nominations are in then we will have final voting where the top 10 rescue/shelters with the most nominations will be entered for the opportunity to win $500 for their rescue or shelter. You will then be able to vote on the top 10 nominated rescues & shelters for a period of 3 days (Final Voting week runs: 10/16/11 – 10/18/11 12pm EST) and at the end of the 3 days the 2 rescues or shelters with the most votes will win $500 each. The 2 winners will be announced on Tuesday 10/18/11


* 2 rescues or shelters will win $500 each from the grand prize of $1000

1. To nominate your favorite dog rescue simply leave a comment below on this blog.
2. ALSO you must become a fan of our facebook page below.

Also You may only nominate 1 time, however you can campaign on behalf of your favorite animal shelter or rescue by tweeting, posting on Facebook, and telling your friends to nominate as well.

Retweet/Repost on facebook: $1000 Giveaway: Nominate your favorite dog rescue to win $500 (2 winners)

Thanks for nominating! Tell your friends to also nominate their favorite rescue. Stay tuned for the final voting round where we tally up the top 10 shelter/rescues with the most nominations and you will be able to cast your vote for the top 2!


Why do we have a nomination round and then a final voting round? In addition to getting the top voted $500 each we want to draw much needed attention to all wonderful rescues around country >> hence 4 days of nominations & 3 days of Final voting on the top 10 with the most nominations. Then the top 2 with the most votes win.

What if my favorite pet rescue/shelter does not get the most votes and win? Have no fear we will be holding this giveaway every month with the money earned from our Best Bully Sticks Rescue Shelter $1 Donation Program (we match every dollar) ! So there will more chances to win, with 3 different rescue shelters being chosen. So stay tuned to our facebook page for our monthly Best Bully Stick Rescue Shelter Giveaway!!

Besides nominating your favorite shelter for this giveaway you can also help by donating a dollar! How Can You Give Back To Barkworthy Rescues and Shelters Across the Globe? Click to Give a $1 at Checkout!

Well, we we tell you how you can help Best Bully Sticks support them. With your help we can save lives one $1 at a time and no animal needs to suffer.

Participate in our Best Bully Sticks $1 Donation Program by shopping on and clicking to donate a $1 at checkout. For every $1 you donate at checkout we will donate a $1 with a 100% of the proceeds going to rescues and shelters in need across the country. The money raised will help with out reach, basic animal necessities and rescue programs. Donations raised monthly by you will be given to 3 lucky rescues during our ongoing monthly Best Bully Sticks Rescue Shelter Giveaway.

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