Best Bullys Launches 10 Inch Curly Bully Sticks

Best Bully’s Launches 10 Inch Curly Bully Sticks

We are proud to bring to you, by popular demand and request, 10″ Curly Bully Sticks. These should take your pooch more time to chew than our standard curly bully stick and are sure to be a winner! These 10″ Curly bully sticks are slightly smoked, but offer the same excitement as our standard and thick curly bullies. They are great for teeth and gums because they create friction in your dogs month and like all of our bully sticks, they are 100% digestible and natural.

Curly Bully Sticks are also a great option for small to medium sized dogs, because of their shape.  Their curly shape make them easy to hold on to and chew for the smaller pups out there!  These curly bully sticks are from free ranging grass fed cows and are sure to become a new favorite with the pups out there!

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