Best Bully Sticks Top Ten List

We are frequently asked by our customers what items sell the best and what dogs seem to prefer; so we put together a Top Ten List highlighting our Suggestions:

10. Bully Bites- A fun treat or snack

9. Pig Ears-They have been around forever and all dogs like them 8. Open Gullets-These are like beef jerky for dogs

7. Shin Bones-A must for entertaining larger dogs

6. Chicken Fillets-Great treats that last a while and come in value sizes

5. Beef Tendons or Curly Bully Sticks- the friction of the curly ones is great for the teeth and gums

4. Sam’s Yam’s-Sweet Potato Treats, and Other Sweet Potato dog treats like Duck and Sweet Potato

3. Stuffed gullets are always a fun treat/chew that your dog is sure to enjoy (Bronze)

2. A proven healthy winner –Trachea and Stuffed Trachea (Silver)

1. A dog’s all time favorite is of course a bully stick!!! (GOLD)

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