Best Bully Sticks Spotlight on a Breed: We Honor the Kai Tiger Dog

We always love getting emails from our customers & readers asking us to feature their dog or favorite breed for our Best Bully Sticks Spotlight on a Breed blog series every Thursday. As always we are honored to oblige. We are excited to spotlight the Kai (aka Tiger Dog).

Height: Male: 18-22; Female: 17-20 inches

Weight: 25-55 lbs

Coat: The Kai is a double coat breed. The outer coat is medium to long in length, straight, and harsh. The under coat is dense, thick, and soft. The fur is shorter on the ears, head, and legs. It is longer on the body and tail. Puppies are born black with fuzzy coats and the brindle emerges as the adult coat comes in. The brindle markings may not be fully apparent until adulthood.

Color: The brindle pattern of coat color is the Kai’s most distinguishing breed characteristic and has given rise to his nickname as the Tora (meaning Tiger) dog. The frequent colors in the Kai Dog are brindled by using black, reddish colored, or any generally bluish brindle, oftentimes with bright markings to the legs.

Appearance: The Kai is a medium-sized, sturdily-built, Spitz-type dog, with a wedge-shaped head, prick ears, and a harsh, straight brindle coat of medium length. The correct relationship of height to length of body is 10:11. The tail may be curled over the back or carried over the back in a sickle position. The appearance of the Kai is similar to the other working Japanese Spitz breeds, smaller than the Akita and larger than the Shiba.

Temperament: The Kai breed is extremely devoted, affectionate, and loyal. The Kai is reserved with strangers and is a trustworthy guardian. They do well with children and dogs they have been raised with. While Kais may be somewhat reserved with strangers, they are very friendly with people and are not aggressive with other dogs. The Kai makes an excellent watch dog or home protector. Kai have been known to climb trees and swim in pursuit of their prey. Due to their high prey drive they are not recommended for homes with non-canine pets. They typically form a close attachment to one family member. They are naturally calm, quiet, and clean indoors. The Kai is a sturdy, muscular dog of exceptional courage and agility.

Health: The life expectancy for a Kai is about 12-15 years. Due to the rarity of this breed there are no known health issues.

Is your dog barking for his or her time in the spotlight?

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