Best Bully Sticks Spotlight on a Breed: Siberian Husky

siberian-husky-fbWe always love getting emails from our customers & readers asking us to feature their dog or favorite breed for our Best Bully Sticks Spotlight on a Breed blog series every Thursday. As always we are honored to oblige. We are excited to spotlight the Kai (aka Tiger Dog).

Height: (M): 45 – 60 lb, (F): 35 – 50 lb

Weight: (M): 21 – 23.5″, (F): 20 – 22″

Coat: Huskies have a double coat that features medium-length hair. The top coat is straight and the undercoat feels soft and dense.

Color: Huskies come in a variety of colors and markings, from black to pure white, gray and white with colored markings on the body that include reds and coppers. Their eyes can be brown, blue, or a combination. Their faces sport masks that add to their eye appeal.

Appearance: Siberian Huskies are medium-sized, graceful members of the Working Group with a distinct wolf-like appearance. Siberians have a double-layered, medium length coat which acts as insulation against both cold and heat. The dog’s fur is usually black and white, gray and white, copper-red and white, or pure white. The breed often has white paws and legs in addition to unique markings on the face. The brush tail is covered by thick fur and is sometimes carried in a sickle-shaped curve over the dog’s back. The Siberian Husky has triangular, erect ears and beautiful eyes that can be brown, hazel, blue, or a combination of these colors. Siberian Huskies have strong chests and backs, well-muscled upper thighs, and are known for being athletic, elegant dogs.

Temperament: Siberian Huskies are typically friendly, calm, attentive, and sociable. Like many other Working Dogs, though, they can be very independent and hard to manage. An experienced owner capable of firm training is a must. Siberian Huskies are very intelligent and respond well to training, which should begin at a young age. Although Huskies do not bark much, they are prone to whining and vocalizing a “yowl” sound – this can be stamped out through good training. Because of their friendly and inquisitive nature and their reluctance to bark, Siberian Huskies make poor watchdogs. They tend to be very gentle with small children.

Health: The average lifespan of this breed is between 11-13 years. Huskies are generally healthy, but like all breeds, they’re prone to certain health conditions. Not all Huskies will get any or all of these diseases, but it’s important to be aware of them if you’re considering this breed. Huskies are prone to hip dysplasia , elbow dysplasia, hypothyroidism, and von Willebrand’s disease.

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