Best Bully Sticks Spotlight on a Breed: Greyhounds

wo Best Bully Sticks adoring fans! Italian Greyhounds from Chicago on vacation in Folly Beach, SC. Roscoe chewing on a Bully Stick (Bailey in background drinking water)

Two Best Bully Sticks adoring fans! Italian Greyhounds from Chicago on vacation in Folly Beach, SC. Roscoe chewing on a Bully Stick (Bailey in background drinking water)

Height: Males 28 to 30 in &  females 27 to 28 in

Weight: Males 60 to 88 lbs & females 60 to 75 lbs

Coat: Soft, smooth, fine, short, firm coat that sheds a little.

Color: Vary from white to black, including fawn, gray, red, or brown, and any pattern from solid to pinto to brindle.

Appearance: Built for speed, the greyhound features long, muscular back legs, straight front legs, and a streamlined body. Its back is muscular and strong, featuring a very flexible, arched spine. The feet offer great leverage with their long, narrow shape. Overall, the head is long and narrow, and it features a long, powerful muzzle with strong, even teeth. With a spirited and intelligent expression, the eyes of the greyhound are both dark and bright. The ears are small, generally folded back, and sit on the widest part of the skull. The neck is graceful and blends smoothly into the arched back. The long tail is curved slightly upward and is carried low.

Temperament: Although greyhounds are extremely fast and athletic, and despite their reputation as racing dogs, they are not high-energy dogs. They are sprinters, and although they love running, they do not require extensive exercise. Most are quiet, gentle animals. An adult greyhound will stay healthy and happy with a daily walk of as little as 20 to 30 minutes. Greyhounds have been referred to as “Forty-five mile per hour couch potatoes.Gentle, quiet, and affectionate, the greyhounds make wonderful pets. This breed is loyal, friendly, and sensitive.

Unlike breeds that must be socialized as puppies to temper their dominant tendencies, the Greyhound needs early socialization to give it confidence and build self assurance. A Greyhound puppy that is not accustomed to noise and people at an early age can be excessively fearful of loud or persistent sounds and painfully timid with strangers. The greyhound is good with children but rough-housing with the dog should be discouraged. The greyhound is not prone to excessive barking and is generally easy to housebreak. This breed is even-tempered and graceful – a loyal dog that makes an excellent companion.

Health: The life expectancy for Greyhounds is about 10-13  years. Greyhounds are typically a healthy and long-lived breed, and hereditary illness is rare. Some greyhounds have been known to develop esophageal achalasia, bloat (gastric torsion), andosteosarcoma. Because the greyhound’s lean physique makes it ill-suited to sleeping on hard surfaces, owners of companion greyhounds generally provide soft bedding; without bedding, greyhounds are prone to develop painful skin sores.

Due to the unique physiology and anatomy of greyhounds, a veterinarian who understands the issues relevant to the breed is generally needed when the dogs need treatment, particularly whenanaesthesia is required. Greyhounds cannot metabolize barbiturate-based anesthesia as other breeds can because they have lower amounts of oxidative enzymes in their livers. Greyhounds demonstrate unusual blood chemistry, which can be misread by veterinarians not familiar with the breed; this can result in an incorrect diagnosis.

Greyhounds have higher levels of red blood cells than other breeds. Since red blood cells carry oxygen to the muscles, this higher level allows the hound to move larger quantities of oxygen faster from the lungs to the muscles. Greyhounds have lower levels of platelets than other breeds. Veterinary blood services often use greyhounds as universal blood donors.

Famous Greyhounds

Santa’s Little Helper- Simpson’s Cartoon
Peritas- owned by  Alexander the Great
Byron & Blucher owned by General George Custer

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