Best Bully Sticks Spotlight on a Breed: French Mastiff aka Dogue de Bordeaux, Bordeaux Mastiff


Picture of Beautiful French Mastiff Scarlett (photo by @stellascarlett)

Picture of Beautiful French Mastiff Scarlett (photo by @stellascarlett)

Height: Males 23½ to 27 in &  females 22½ to 25½ in

Weight: Males 110 lbs & females 99 lbs

Coat:short, fine, and soft to the touch.

Color: They can come in shades of fawn (light, coppery red) to mahogany (dark, brownish red) with a black, brown or red mask. White markings are permitted on the tips of the toes and on the chest, but white on any other part of the body is considered a fault, and a disqualifying one if the pigmentation goes beyond the neck.

Appearance: The French Mastiff (aka Dogue de Bordeaux, Bordeaux Mastiff) looks quite intimidating, and indeed, it can be so. These dogs have a rectangular appearance and generally stand between 25 and 30 inches tall at the shoulder. Many specimens weigh in around 145 pounds. They have fairly thick tails that taper to a point that stretches down to the back of their hocks. Their build is stocky and powerful, but their most impressive feature is their heads.

The ideal head is massive and equipped with strong jaws. Loose jowls cause these dogs to drool. The eyes are oval-shaped and wide-set. Their skin is fairly loose and quite thick with significant wrinkles on the head, face and neck. The ears are relatively short and hang downward.

Temperament: The French Mastiff is calm, balanced and affectionate. Breeders have softened the temperament of this dog quite a bit from his original ferocity; today the Bordeaux has a good and calm temperament. This breed is extremely loyal, patient and devoted to its family. It makes a first class watch and guard dog. Despite its fearsome appearance, the French Mastiff is gentle with children and family members. This dog can be very aggressive with other dogs. Socialization at an early age is a must. It is highly recommended that this dog become fully obedience trained, requires an experienced owner. It is highly intelligent and learns quickly although it can be quite stubborn. Once the French Mastiff learns a command it rarely forgets it.

Health: The life expectancy for French Mastiff is about 10-12  years. As with many heavy dogs, hip dysplasia is a significant problem. Dogues de Bordeaux are also susceptible to some forms of cancer. One breed-specific ailment has to do with the Dogue’s larger-than-average head, which can cause trouble for female Dogues during the birthing process. Veterinary assistance should usually be secured if you plan to breed your Dogues de Bordeaux–the breed has a fairly high litter size, but problems with birthing (and with the extremely large dogs accidentally crushing or smothering their litters) can reduce this very quickly.

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