Best Bully Sticks Spotlight on a Breed – English BullDog

Spot Light On a Breed: English Bulldog

Weight: 45- 55 lbs
Height: 12 -15 in
Coat: short and smooth
Color: White, Fawn, Red, Red Brindle, and any of the mentioned with white markings

The perfect Bulldog must be of medium size and smooth coat; with heavy, thick-set, low-swung body, massive short-faced head, wide shoulders and sturdy limbs. The general appearance and attitude should suggest great stability, vigor and strength. The bulldog is solid, sensible, and patient.

Bulldogs are affectionate, docile, and reliable. They can be stubborn at times, but are very friendly and loving. They have mellow personalities, and can be quite comical. They are husky, gentle and good-natured. They are jovial, amiable, and willing to please. Courageous and capable of powerful strength, they are sometimes cantankerous with other dogs.  They are also very good as companion dogs or as family dogs.

The Bulldog structure causes some health problems such as difficulty in whelping puppies, respiratory troubles, and skin irritations in the creases around the face and tail. They are also susceptible to eyelid abnormalities, hip dysplasia, congenital heart disease, heart attacks, and skin conditions, and he snores, snorts, dribbles water after drinking, and passes gas.  Because of the shortened muzzle, Bulldogs often have difficulty breathing in hot humid weather, after exertion, and in stuffy rooms. Good ventilation and air conditioning are almost essential with this breed.

Famous Bull Dogs and Owners

Official logo for Mack Truck
Bud and Lou, owned by George Clooney
MatzaBall, owned by Adam Sandler
Handsome Dan, mascot for Yale University
Chesty, the symbol of the US Marine Corps

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