Best Bully Sticks Spotlight on a Breed: Bloodhound

bloodhoundHeight: Male Bloodhounds are 25 inches to 27 inches, and female are 23 inches to 25 inches

Male Bloodhounds weigh 90-110 lbs and female 80-100

Coat: The coat is wrinkle, short & fairly hard in texture. Softer & silky hair on head & ears

Color: Bloodhounds colors are black and tan, liver and tan, and red; the darker colors being sometimes interspersed with lighter or badger-colored hair, and sometimes flecked with white.

Bloodhounds are large dogs, with strong backs and powerful, deep and slightly arched loins. They have long, narrow heads with abundance of loose skin. They have thin ears that are soft to touch and falls in graceful folds. Eyelids are oval and should not obstruct the eye

Temperament: In temperament the Bloodhound is extremely affectionate, neither quarrelsome with companions nor with other dogs. His nature is somewhat shy, and equally sensitive to kindness or correction by his master. The Bloodhound is a kind, patient, noble, mild-mannered and lovable dog. Gentle, affectionate and excellent with children. This is truly a good natured companion and will lie there meekly and let children all clamber over them. Bloodhounds love to receive lots of love and attention. Very energetic outdoors and boisterous when young, determined and independent.

Bloodhounds can often be stubborn and need firm, but not heavy handed training. The owner of such dog will have to be calm and firm for the animal to be trained properly. Clear rules must be drawn and respected without exception. Any sign of weakness by the owner and dog will not listen. The Bloodhound is a stubborn dog and once on the trail of a scent, does not let up easily. Difficult to train obedience-wise, simply because his nose gets distracted, the bloodhound is nonetheless easy to train, doing what he does best, tracking scent. If it smells something interesting, a Bloodhound will be hard to stop only by voice commands. It is important that this dog to be socialized still small and walks to be made along with other dogs.

Health: The Bloodhound has a life expectancy of 10-12 yrs. This breed is prone to bloat . For bloat prevention it is recommended that you feed 2-3 small meals per day instead of one large meal and avoid exercise after every meal. Prone to hip dysplasia, ear infection, stomach cramps and entropion (eyelids turn inward). Padded bed recommended to avoid callouses on the joints.

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