Best Bully Sticks Spotlight on a Breed: American Cocker Spaniel

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American Cocker Spaniel

Height: 15 ½ inches (male); 14 ½ inches (female)

Weight: 15-30 pounds

Coat: moderately long, well feathered, silky, fine & flat hair

Color: Divided into black, parti-color, and any solid color other than black (ASCOB in show catalogs). Black includes black-and-tan and should be jet black without liver or brown shadings. The tan markings are to be over the eyes, on the muzzle and cheeks, undersides of ears, on all legs and feet, and under the tail. Tan on the chest is optional.

Parti-color includes any color, including the mixed color known as roan, patterned with white. A third color is permissible. ASCOB includes blonde and red, with or without tan markings. Small white markings are permitted on the throat and chest of solid color Cockers, but nowhere else.

Appearance: American cockers come in three basic colors: solid black, any-solid-color-other-than-black (ASCOB), and multicolored or patchy. The cocker’s medium length coat is slightly wavy, requiring daily brushing and occasional professional grooming. A properly proportioned cocker has a balanced appearance, with a rounded skull; arched neck; compact, sloping body; large, round feet; and a docked tail. A healthy adult cocker weighs 18-28 pounds, depending on the dog’s height and gender.

Temperament: Cockers are lively, friendly dogs that develop a fierce loyalty to their owners. They are merry companions, and should be exercised frequently. Their keen intelligence invites games and tricks, and cockers will eagerly play fetching or chasing games and can excel in agility and tracking competitions. Cockers are excellent swimmers, and families should be cautious around unfamiliar bodies of water because cockers are quick to notice floating objects and may plunge in to retrieve them without encouragement.

Health: The Life expectancy for American Cocker Spaniels is about 12-15 years. American Cocker Spaniels are generally healthy, but they are prone to several disorders.

* Closed Tear Ducts: If your pet is tearing a lot, the ducts may need to be opened by a veterinarian.

* Conjunctivitis: Pink tissue lining the inner surface of the eyelids may become inflamed, particularly if the dog enjoys digging.

* Disk Herniations: Because of the dog’s athleticism, the back must be very flexible and could be susceptible to herniated disks.

* Ear Problems: Cockers may experience a variety of problems with their long, pendulous ears. Proper cleaning and trimming helps minimize these problems.

The best way to keep your American Cocker Spaniel healthy is through regular veterinarian visits, vaccinations, and home tooth and ear care. If the dog starts to behave abnormally or exhibits symptoms of discomfort or pain, consult your veterinarian.

Famous American Cocker Spaniels

Ch. My Own Brucie,- won two Westminster Kennel Club Dog Shows (1940, 1941), and greatly influenced the breed.

Checkers- owned by Pat Nixon and Richard Nixon (see Checkers speech)

Lucky Bundy- from Married… with Children

Solomon and Sophie- pets of Oprah Winfrey

Lady- from Lady and the Tramp

Freckles,-owned by Robert Kennedy

The dog who appears in the original Coppertone ad.

Acer- from movie Cheaper By The Dozen


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